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In a previous life I did research in computer science.

My current job is as a "personal assistant" to my dogs. I have two dogs, a male Shiba Inu called Sephy and a female, three legged Siberian Husky called Shania. They are both very silly and a whole lot of fun.

My main interests are: Dogs, Wordpress, and 3D-art.

I also like writing down all my crazy ideas which is why I am on HubPages. Other hobbies include reading sci-fi and fantasy, playing RPGs, online gaming, anime, and Salsa dancing.

What I like most: New ideas. Any form will do.

What I dislike most: People who spend all their time tearing down or copying ideas instead of creating their own.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. ~~[William Shakespeare]

"The trick is to learn how to pick out fools. Look for those who think things simple, who abhor uncertainty, and who are incapable of setting aside their summary judgment. And above all, look for those who believe flattering things. They are the true path to wisdom. For the claims they find the most absurd or offensive will be the ones most worthy of your attention.”

~~[Bakker, R. Scott (2011-04-14). The White Luck Warrior (p. 381)]

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      • Hubbers who are also freelance writers

        Hubbers who are also freelance writers

        6 years ago

        Is there a good way to search for hubbers who are also freelance writers? It would also be great to be able to search on writing rates and favorite topics.If not, I think this would be a useful feature to add.

      • Google thinks I am 18-24!

        Google thinks I am 18-24!

        6 years ago

        Awww, I didn't know Google was so good at flattery! http://www.google.com/ads/preferences/This shows the ad-demographic (age and gender) as well as ad-categories that are stored in your Google cookie. Kindda fun to see.

      • Duplicate content and banning

        Duplicate content and banning

        8 years ago

        If a hubber keeps getting flagged for publishing duplicate content from other sources (not their own), will they eventually get banned? Or is it HubPages policy to just remove the flagged hubs? Just curious.

      • Congratulations Frogdropping!

        Congratulations Frogdropping!

        8 years ago

        My favorite frog and dragon pair made it to a 100 hub score in a matter of 10 days!Congratulations! I think Kevin deserves some waffles!

      • Prozac for Dogs?

        Prozac for Dogs?

        8 years ago

        There are now all these new drugs for dogs including one for obesity, one for separation anxiety, and a bunch, including prozac, for aggression. These drugs are often used together with a training regime. My first...

      • What is/was your favorite animal shows on t.v.?

        What is/was your favorite animal shows on t.v.?

        9 years ago

        I personally really enjoy DogTown on the National Geographic Channel. DogTown is more about rescue dogs, but they also show how the trainers in the facility train the dogs in their shelter; many of which have aggression...

      • Dog Tortured for Art?!!

        Dog Tortured for Art?!!

        9 years ago

        "A starving, sick street dog was as part of an exposition in Managua, Nicaragua, in August.  Guillermo Vargas Habacuc found the dog tied up on a street corner in a poor Nicaragua barrio. Guillermo Vargas...

      • Error while editing hubs

        Error while editing hubs

        8 years ago

        I keep getting this error from Explorer every time I try to edit my hubs. "Something went wrong. Please hit refresh and try reloading this page."Anybody else getting this? Can someone please let me know what...

      • Traffic Exchange Sites

        Traffic Exchange Sites

        9 years ago

        What do people think of traffic exchange services (like trafficG)? Does it actually bring you high quality visitors that are interested in your content? Does it actually increase click through revenue? What about their...

      • What is a good hub address?

        What is a good hub address?

        9 years ago

        Is it better to keep it simple? Or do you want to try and put in as many keywords as possible?

      • To Knol or not to Knol?

        To Knol or not to Knol?

        8 years ago

        Have there been any improvements on Knol? Is it still not indexing articles in their search? Are people still knolling? or do you think it is not worth it at this point?Thanks!

      • Who are the most helpful people on hubpages?

        Who are the most helpful people on hubpages?

        9 years ago

        These are the people who are very supportive of other people's work or who have great ideas and are always willing to share them to make hubpages into a better community.  These are the people hubpages should give...

      • Is it possible to get larger images from the Amazon module?

        Is it possible to get larger images from the Amazon module?

        9 years ago

        I sometimes have trouble finding good legal sources of photographs for movie characters that want to include in my articles. Then it occured to me that I can just use photographs of merchandise from Amazon, that way it...

      • An ear for an ear?

        An ear for an ear?

        9 years ago

        I was on Yahoo! Anwers last night, and saw three people in a row advise others to bite their dog in the ear to stop their dog from biting. Did this come from Snow Dogs? Or is this crazy notion from somewhere else?!...

      • Free Kibble for Shelter Dogs

        Free Kibble for Shelter Dogs

        9 years ago

        I just came across this site that is like the "Free Rice" site which donates rice to the hungry except that this place does it for dogs. It looks pretty legit to me.http://www.freekibble.com/

      • Google Custom Search

        Google Custom Search

        9 years ago

        Is there an easy way to get the Google Custom Search Widget to search through all of my hubs in addition to my website? The only way it seems that I can get it to do that is to enter in each of my hub URLs...

      • Author Hubscore wierdness.

        Author Hubscore wierdness.

        9 years ago

        For several weeks now it seems my author hubscore goes up when I am sleeping at night, and goes down steadily during the day when I am logged in and busily working on new articles Maybe if I don't log on for a few...

      • Addicted to scores

        Addicted to scores

        9 years ago

        I was playing around with Yahoo! answers this morning, and suddenly I got a "Best answer"! Wow that's 10 points. I got so excited, I answered another 10 questions right away Then I thought to myself, jeez I...

      • Can we insert bookmarks into our hubs?

        Can we insert bookmarks into our hubs?

        9 years ago

        Sometimes I would like to refer to an internal portion of my hub, is this possible? Perhaps jump to a particular capsule? Thanks!

      • Online Talent Agents for Hubbers?

        Online Talent Agents for Hubbers?

        9 years ago

        Most of us want to get traffic into our terrific hubpages. However, simply putting all your links into social bookmarking sites may actually decrease your traffic. Why? Your pages, or site gets banned, your social...

      • Change hub web address

        Change hub web address

        9 years ago

        Is there a way to change your hub web address after you have created it? Thanks.

      • Which dog breed do you like best?

        Which dog breed do you like best?

        8 years ago

        I have had German Shepards, mixed breeds, and more recently a Siberian Husky and Shiba Inu. So far, I am most impressed with the Siberian Husky. She has the nice spitz look, is a nice medium size, and absolutely loves...

      • Facebook add-on?

        Facebook add-on?

        9 years ago

        It would be really great if there were a facebook add-on so that whenever I post a hub, it automatically appears in my facebook feed. Comments on hubs, replies to comments, and replies to forum posts would also appear...

      • Trouble with 2+ overly promotional rule?

        Trouble with 2+ overly promotional rule?

        9 years ago

        I just joined so I apologize if this is going over well-travelled ground. Is anybody else having problems with the 2+ overly promotional link rule? My article(s) commonly contain specialized terms, or even just people...