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As a teenager my life is full of surprises.I am a poet, a playwright, and said to be an inspirative public speaker.At first my life doesn't go well because I never knew my passion or talent so I am commonly an envious type of person in terms of that.Then suddenly I found my talent when I was 13 because people around me got amazed of my poems and stories. As a poet, I make great poems because of inspirations and realizations that really can strike the interest of my audience.As a playwright, my audience got amazed because of the essence, content and lessons of my stories that mirrors the life of an individual.Then I inspire people when I speak infront of them because even though I have stage fright ,I really strike their hearts through speaking out words of wisdom and inspiration through my realizations and experiences, sometimes I would shout and emphasize words so that people can't feel that I am frightened to speak in front.

I am glad that at last I found my passion of inspiring people and I hope you can inspire people using your own passion. Our talents are the gifts that the world should open and be surprised of what we can do, lets make the best future for this world where unity and peace dwells, and be proud that we are one of the fragments of that future. Blessed are those who did read this and a millions thanks to you . May the Grace of God be with you.

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    Life may be tough like a battlefield but it doesn't mean you fight only for yourself . Behold a poem that will describe every member of the Grand Battalion.Determine who describe you most.