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Game of war addict for 2.5 years. It's time I put my obsession to good use to educate all of your avid game of war fans who bothered to research the strategies. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Spotting Targets

    Spotting Targets

    19 months ago

    When KvK KE's start for your kingdom, chances are good that your leading alliance will start a "spotters" chatroom. Anyone who doesn't want to participate in the ravaging of the outlander kingdom but would still like to...

  • GoW - Destination: Rally Trap

    GoW - Destination: Rally Trap

    19 months ago

    This is ONE of the many ways to build a really good rally trap.

  • Game of War Free

    Game of War Free

    20 months ago

    It is day one in your first game of war experience. You have 24 hours until your first peace shield expires, so time is critical. You'll soon to discover that GoW is not your typical mobile app. If you're super...