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I'm bored, I stumbled across this page by accident (researching "I hate Dora"). I haven't penned anything in years, but I always liked to write. Whether I'm actually any good or not remains to be seen, but I'll give it a whirl and we'll see how it goes.

The short n' skinny on me: I'm 31, psuedo-married with two midgets (3 and 6). Recently moved back to southeastern Arizona from Iowa and have way too much free time on my hands as I have yet to find a job.

(update- very likely have a job, just have to get through all the background and administrative b.s. - YAY!)

My I.Q. is higher than some, lower than most, I appreciate immensely the dying art of common sense, and I personally believe the "green" movement is a ploy to generate revenue and consolidate power.

Oh, and my name's Tim.

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      • How to fix the divide.

        How to fix the divide.

        6 years ago

        I've seen this idea around from time to time, and, in light of the divisive split between the left and the right, and the fact that we'll obviously never see eye-to-eye on things... Why don't we do away with the...

      • Collective story telling...

        Collective story telling...

        6 years ago

        This may have been done already (many times over), but with the plethora of talented writers here on HubPages, and in the spirit of fun forums, carry on the story with a sentence or short paragraph... The man with the...