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Silk Flowers is one of the USA’s leading silk plant and silk flower retailers, highly respected for the exceptionally high quality of their products and the skill of their experienced designers. Silk Flowers offers a full range of artificial plants, from delicate, exquisite orchids, to huge 8’ silk trees. We stock a huge range of beautiful, high quality silk plants and silk flowers, delivering to anywhere in the US.

Silk flowers and silk plants are a life-like and realistic way to replicate the serenity and elegance of nature, without the high-maintenance required for live plants and trees. Whether you want to use silk trees and silk floor plants to create an ambient theme for your interior décor, or you want to add a dash of color with silk floral arrangements and silk centerpieces, we have a huge range of options. Every one of our silk plants is individually arranged by our highly skilled designers, and crafted from premier quality modern materials.

Artistry and Experience at Silk Flowers

Artificial plants have come a long way since the days of cheap, mass-produced flowers, and manufacturers use robust, realistic modern textiles to create silk plants and silk flowers that replicate nature down to the finest detail. Artificial plants are realistic and subtle, and we constantly scour the globe in our quest for the perfect silk plant manufacturers. Our talented designers use their artistry to create wonderful arrangements and lifelike trees, even using a hand airbrush to ensure that petals and leaves have the translucent and complex layered hues of nature.

With 30 years of experience with artificial plants and silk flowers, we know exactly how to create beauty and our knowledgeable staff will be delighted to discuss your requirements and help you to find the perfect silk plants. In fact, the only thing that you need to worry about is choosing from the huge array of options found at SilkFlowers

Silk Flowers and a Range of Options

Our range of silk flowers and silk floral arrangements allows you to enjoy the delicate beauty and subtle hues of flowers, without the fading and withering, allowing you to enjoy permanent rather than transient beauty. As well as finding a place in the home, many people give silk plants as gifts and use them for wedding arrangements.

For interior design and offices, we stock an extensive range of silk trees and silk floor plants, all of which capture the tiniest details and allow you to create a relaxing atmosphere, without the worry of watering and maintaining your plants. Silk flowers and artificial plants in the home are an exquisite addition to any room, allowing you to develop a complex and layered theme.

Instead of asking ‘Why Buy Artificial Plants,’ the question should be ‘Why Not?’

If you want to browse our exquisite range of silk flowers and artificial plants, please visit SilkFlowers to browse our extensive range of realistic silk plants and discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable staff.

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