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Hello! I find Squidoo both fun and challenging! Fun because it is such a great way to discover new ideas and to share your own and challenging because I have to write in a language that's not my mother language! Other facts about me: Things I enjoy: being in nature, observing reality, the company of people and animals,sounds, colours, smells, contact. I adore the mediterranean Sun, the natural scents of Spring, the heat of the Summer, the Autumn palette of countrysides and the grey skies of Winter. At the same time, I cherish the technological evolution of our times and the opportunity which it gives us to interconnect in such amazing ways. Interests: animal care, computer games, crafting, dark music, understanding how things work, books, fantasy, internet, metaphysics, mysticism, gardening, space Studies: I have a BA in Italian language and literature

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  • The Symbolism of Shoes

    The Symbolism of Shoes

    7 months ago

    People use a wide variety of symbols in order to communicate with each other and to identify themselves and the world around them. Body language, gestures, religious symbols, mathematics, colors, natural symbols and so...