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Greetings in the name of the Most High God.

Let us all Give Thanks, and praises every time.

Born in the Caribbean, on the island of Grenada, and inspired primarily by my parents while growing up on that island paradise. Observing their strong sense of discipline, belief in family and their uncanny ability to depict while knowing always what's best for their children.

Also influenced by those powerful and conscious lyrics emanating from the great songs of Robert Nestor Marley, (Bob Marley)

My favorite being the song "War" with words to the tone of:

"Until the philosophy which holds one race superior, and another inferior, is finally and permanently, discredited and abandoned."

There will always be war.

"Until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all, without regard to race."

"Until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance, than the color of his eyes."

There will always be war,

This War can also be discontentment.

From then, I have since learned to understand the magnitude of the love and respect one need to have for God. To whom I give Thanks and Praises each day.

By accepting life, as the best gift one can ever receive, and having the opportunity to do so by showing ones gratitude, while seeking out all of life's worth and purpose.

I acquired the understanding that I will have to use my love of writing to be able to cross some of life's many obstacles and for this I am prepared to make any sacrifice.

To be given such an opportunity to participate in everything that exist in this wonder, that is life itself, is nothing short of magnificent.

So despite the many blunders I have experienced during my life so far, I feel extremely fortunate, to share this with others.

I firmly believe, that this is the exact reason one lives. To overcome obstacles while gaining invaluable experience, which will in turn be passed on to all .

I believe the true beauty of life is fully magnified, through sharing.

My greatest desire is to witness the eventual turn around and a complete change in this present direction our kids are heading.

There are those who see these kids as nothing but future votes, and there are those who sees them as things you can play with for a while.

I see them as our future.

Where can a future led, if there are no roads laid down and no paths mapped out, by those that are already to be up front?

I have seen parents, who were themselves decendants of great heritage, who have now taken that laid back stance with their children, only to label them;

The modern generation"

I can only ask: where did this modern generation really come from?

Looking at which direction these children have now come to believe is the norm, and watching their parents as they sit back, not in "Awe and amazement" as I am. But simply to give the kids the title of:

"Modern day kids"

Let me remind these parents, that they are still your kids in the modern day and they must still be the ones to represent us!

If this was what you foresee as proper reprasentation, it's also what it speaks of you as a parent.

Their failure is your blunder!

Looking at what kids have now allowed to become of more importance to them, more important than the irreplacable parential guidanc and teaching we have come to understand.

Substituting that much needed, proper training, and molding proudly handed down from their ancestors.

I do hope that it is through this conduit of lack there of that I can eventually contribute to the revamping of our children’s sense of direction.

Blessings in the name of the Most High God!

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