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Late 50's, Married, no kids except one VERY spoiled kitty. Stopped working last year due to medical issues. Hubby very kindly provides. Love God, Hubby, sister, kitty, family, tomatoes, birds, squirrels, bunnies, kitties, doggies, & children anywhere.

Love history; especially personal stories. If people think about their own livess & the lives of loved ones, they often find examples of courage & kindness to inspire others. For those who live in misfortunune or grew up in difficulties, they often have something poignant worth sharing & encouraging. Never underestimate your worth and contributions! Many outstanding historical events required ordinary people like you & me. History will sift out the truth. We think history covers & polishes. It may, for a time. But it also wears away such veneers & the real truth comes out. A case in point is the story of George A. Custer. His wife tried to make him into a legend, but we now know he was not a man most would find commendable. Today's children will write your history. Give them something worth recording!

Believe in social & political justice. Parents taught me to love my neighbors. Live in very diversified neighborhood & they are GREAT! Enjoy watching the children play; no bigotry -- just FUN!

I believe in treating others as kindly as I would likewise. I was raised by wise parents to avoid name calling & hatred. It tears down -- something there is too much of today. I will ignore hateful comments. Too much of that & I leave the site for good.

As Ellen says: "Be kind to one another." Jesus said "Love your neighbor."

Support each other & uphold the Constitution of the United States. Remember, it is the Constitution for all citizens & is a blueprint of how we should treat all mankind.

Let's have meaningful & supportive dialogue! Hope your life is lovely!

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