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For years I know what is like being a nobody, always on the outside looking in. I know that feeling so I try my best to provide tips to help my readers feel more confident and take greater risks. I love to write about my past experiences and what I took from them. I'm interested in other people and their dreams and goals in life and what drives them everyday to achieve them.

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      • Outtwitting The Devil

        Outtwitting The Devil

        4 years ago

        Has anyone read the book "Outwitting the devil" by Napoleon Hill? I found this to be one of his great pieces of work and would like to know what you all think.

      • You got him/her and now you realize you really don't want them anymore

        You got him/her and now you realize you really don't want them anymore

        4 years ago

        Have you ever been a situation where you got the person you had your eye on then you realize that you don't want them anymore. Maybe it's because their personality that turned you off or maybe its that you only wanted...

      • Think and Grow Rich review

        Think and Grow Rich review

        5 years ago

        Someone refered the book Think and Grow Rich by Rich Napoleon to me. Once I read this book I felt as if I could do anything though faith, persistence and hard work. Has anyone else read this book. Please share with me...

      • Getting harassed by magizine companies

        Getting harassed by magizine companies

        5 years ago

        Two years ago I got a phone call from some magazine company(I'm sure you have as well) I hung up on them. Ever since then they have been sending me all kinds of magazines and billing me for them. I told them that I...

      • Don't Judge a book by its cover

        Don't Judge a book by its cover

        5 years ago

        My question is do you think its alright to judge someone by what you see. I believe we all have the ability to become something great. Some will have to work more than others, but thats tough. I believe that you should...

      • Your first crush

        Your first crush

        5 years ago

        Do you remember your very first crush? What happen did you get your crush or did you get turned down. For me it turns out that my crush liked me just as much as I liked her, but it was too late.