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where do i begin?

wherever you want....

where do i end?

don't ask me.........

i'll start with right now

sounds good to me......

still, no words

oh oh.......


okay, go for it......

happiness is over-rated?


love, where did you go?

dunno.........don't look at me....i don't have the answer...

looking for peace

oh oh, not again.......hope you find it again......bring your camera....

i'm somewayouttahere

yes i am.........

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    • Bubblews


      4 years ago

      what is it?...curious....... 

    • Go Leafs Go!

      Go Leafs Go!

      4 years ago

      Hey GO...hope you are around....finally...they've cleared away the cobwebs!.....looks good so far.....Go leafs Go!

    • Happy, Happy New Year!

      Happy, Happy New Year!

      4 years ago

      All the best for 2013!....just a few countries are left waiting for the strike of midnight now!  For those folks living in countries that have already entered the new year....cheers to you!...and all the best for...

    • Okay...so what is up?

      Okay...so what is up?

      5 years ago

      well....i've been away for 5 days and today i've noticed most of my hubs have disappeared???????????what's going on?...time for me to go? 

    • Sssshhhhhhhhhhh!


      5 years ago

      She's finally asleep...and giving me a break...new puppy and a sweet one with lots of energy!

    • MIA


      5 years ago

      i've noticed many folks are not around.....i haven't been as active in the forums in the past year...and now that i'm waking up...where did folks go?  busy with summertime? wintertime?where are some of my...

    • Pounding Hooves

      Pounding Hooves

      5 years ago

      soooooo...i'm sitting on my back deck...hanging out on my laptop checking out HP...and then i hear something pounding by me in my yard...it's deer running through...havin' fun, playing...twice now this has...

    • Eh?


      5 years ago

      What's with the "A" that is attached to some avatars...i haven't been paying attention to changes/rules...obviously...  A for Advisor? A for Apple? A for Actor? A for Aware? A for Answer...i know what the...

    • Congrats R1!

      Congrats R1!

      5 years ago

      I meant to post this thread a few days back.Recommend1 has finally, finally, finally, married Sukie!....he's been talking about marrying her for the last 2 years that i've been a member here! ...

    • Anyone Building a Bunker?

      Anyone Building a Bunker?

      5 years ago

      i was talking to a good friend of mine tonight (Canuck)...Anyway he's a born again Christian...cries when he talks about God and all that...i deal with it in my own way...cuz he's a good friend.  Soooooo...tonite...

    • EMDR ?

      EMDR ?

      5 years ago

      Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)...i'm curious, does anyone have experience with this approach/therapy..from the clinical and/or participant perspective?  Comments? Thanks...

    • Hey....


      5 years ago

      For my friends who drop by...have a peaceful, restful holidayi'm checking out for awhile.....wave, if ya see me race on by.....see ya in 2012!

    • So....why does.....

      So....why does.....

      5 years ago

      my unpublished hub shows 20 views when i've only looked at it 3 times myself.  i wrote it a few days ago and have left it unpublished  until i'm inspired to edit it and finally publish it before i take off for...

    • Can Anyone Help Me Out

      Can Anyone Help Me Out

      5 years ago

      Hi all, I have a favourite photo that I'd like to edit - photoshop something out of it.   It's a very special pic - I don't know how to do it.Can anyone help me?I'm signing out and will check back later.Thanks!

    • Darn!


      6 years ago

      ...missed the date!it was an important one!what the heck is wrong with me?...my mind needs an overhaul big time!

    • Have a good day all!

      Have a good day all!

      6 years ago

      and for those of you about to go to sleep - sweet dreams...

    • Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

      Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

      6 years ago

      ...enjoy and I hope many of you are gathering or have gathered for a nice family celebration......peace all!

    • Uploading Photos

      Uploading Photos

      6 years ago

      I am having trouble uploading a photo..was trying to change my profile pic.  I thought it was my pics but i tried to upload one that i've used before but rec'd an error message.  Anyone know what to do? or can...

    • Feed Me

      Feed Me

      6 years ago

      What happened to the feed?  There may have been a thread about it...but...i can't find it.  Can someone point me to it...thank you!

    • NHL  Yahoo

      NHL Yahoo

      6 years ago

      go canucks gocanucks vs boston     yahoo

    • It's Friday!  Yahoo!

      It's Friday! Yahoo!

      6 years ago

      ...and it's probably Saturday in other places...So - what's everyone up to?  Anything interesting?Me...i'm gonna mow the lawn tomorrow (maybeeeee)and go to a funeral (oh well - but i'm still happy)...life feels...

    • Kimberly Proctor - Remember That Name

      Kimberly Proctor - Remember That Name

      6 years ago

      I am waiting for the frost to disappear this a.m. before I head on up and over a mountain pass this beautiful sunny morning.Kimberly Proctor was a Canadian teenager murdered by 2 other Canadian teenagers.  She was...

    • Bug(s) Eating My Carpet! Help!

      Bug(s) Eating My Carpet! Help!

      6 years ago

      I have a nice old persian carpet.  Recently I discovered something has been eating it????  I placed it outdoors for now - I guess I'm hoping the cool air makes the critter(s) want to leave and find somewhere...

    • Software - photography

      Software - photography

      6 years ago

      Hi all...i would like to purchase software for use with some of my photography...something that i can get creative with...collages etc.  I'd like software that is not too expensive and not extremely difficult to...

    • Canadian Politics

      Canadian Politics

      6 years ago

      Hey fellow Canadians....are any of you getting numerous calls from federal political parties?I've been receiving numerous calls from the libs and cons. - over and over for the past few months...sometimes 2 or 3 times a...

    • New Year's Eve and Day

      New Year's Eve and Day

      6 years ago

      ...so whatcha gonna do?...and in some parts of the world it's already happenin'...Happy New Year! ...me, i'm gonna prepare a nice dinner (seafood probably) and go for a skate (ice)...and hope i don't fall this...

    • Valentine's Day - I Can't Wait - Whatcha Gonna Do?

      Valentine's Day - I Can't Wait - Whatcha Gonna Do?

      6 years ago

      I can't wait for valentine's day now...it's just around the corner!  Anyone in luv out there and doin' somethin' special?  I'm not in luv yet...but figure by then I might be....so i might as well start...

    • China - Question About It

      China - Question About It

      6 years ago

      If you are originally from China and/or live there (not born there), is it a simple matter to travel to another country, e.g. just book a ticket for Mongolia or Nepal and just fly out for a visit as a tourist...or is it...

    • Goodbye Alternate Poet

      Goodbye Alternate Poet

      7 years ago

      Alternate Poet....I like to refer to him as AP....tells me he won't be posting in the forums anymore.......Just want to say I'll miss him!.....

    • My Darn Cat Farted

      My Darn Cat Farted

      7 years ago

      ...not really....good night all! 

    • ...I need space...:)

      ...I need space...:)

      7 years ago

      has anyone ever been on the receiving end of the "i need space" message? what's your take on it?  I'm curious.........gathering hub data....I'll check back tomorrow...night all!

    • Good Song!

      Good Song!

      7 years ago

      "But I will hold on hopeAnd I won't let you chokeOn the noose around your neck"The Cave...Mumford and Sons...

    • Whale of a Time

      Whale of a Time

      7 years ago

      posted this on the pet thread but it was getting lost in the shuffle...so here it is again.Photo taken in the pacific n.w. last week...grey whale rising to the surface...scooping up a school of herring and almost got...

    • Flag This Profile

      Flag This Profile

      7 years ago

      Hey all, for some reason my profile has 'flag this profile' on it.  I looked at the reasons but don't understand.  Any comments would be appreciated..Thanks!

    • Some Men - Why Don't They Get Help?

      Some Men - Why Don't They Get Help?

      7 years ago

      I'm looking for the male perspective.My spouse and I broke up Jan. 2009.  It was messy and complicated and still is.  Basically, I know he needs to seek out professional help but doesn't.  Rather, he...

    • Have you seen the GreekOne?

      Have you seen the GreekOne?

      7 years ago

      Has anyone heard from the GreekOne this morning?  I only have an older picture of him - he shaved his beard off.  I'm missing his humor this morning.  I'm sure he's strolling the Danforth, having an...

    • Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia

      Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia

      7 years ago

      I looked through a few threads for discussions around either topic. If anyone can direct me to a discussion - thanks.If not?  do you have comments on either technique - pros and cons.  would you want either or...

    • Listening to any good music

      Listening to any good music

      7 years ago

      Listening to Gimme Shelter (R Stones)Ahhh....saturday nite on the net.....SomewayOuttaHereI'm a peaceful luvin' Canadian

    • Shook Me All Nite Long

      Shook Me All Nite Long

      7 years ago

      When was the last time someone 'shook u all nite long'?

    • Question


      7 years ago

      I haven't been connected here for very long.  I connected to write about what's on my mind and over time not sure how those thoughts will evolve.  I've looked at a few hubs and it looks like stuff is being...

    • Anyone into motorcycles out there?

      Anyone into motorcycles out there?

      7 years ago

      if you're into riding, where've you been, what'd you see, who'd you meet that was interesting?  any interesting bike breakdowns while on the trip?