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By Marc Hubs

Non-fiction articles, books, eBooks and research into Mind, Science, Psychology/Psychiatry and more.

Notable topics include Personality Disorders, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics/Spirituality and Human Thought, Behaviour and Perception.

eBook, Reflections Of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder):


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      • Payment missing

        Payment missing

        5 months ago

        Anyone else not received a payment this month?

      • Why haven't I been paid?

        Why haven't I been paid?

        12 months ago

        Before this month's payment date, I changed the Paypal email address associated with my account. I received an email saying that all payments, going forward, would be sent to the new email address. However, this month's...

      • Stats are way off

        Stats are way off

        17 months ago

        I noticed this many months ago and the problem is still the same now and is measurable. I don't know if this applies to other users also but the stats showing in my account are way inaccurate. For example, after...

      • Payment on bank holidays?

        Payment on bank holidays?

        19 months ago

        I should probably know the answer to this by now seeing how long I've been here but do Hubpages pay out as normal on bank holidays? Obviously, it's the 28th today which is the usual pay date but it's also Easter monday....

      • RESOLVED: Comments no longer showing in feed

        RESOLVED: Comments no longer showing in feed

        2 years ago

        I have noticed that comments posted on hubs are no longer showing in the HubPages feed. Usually, when someone commented on a hub it brought that hub up to the top of the feed and showed the latest comment. This would...

      • Payment?


        2 years ago

        Has anyone else not been paid today? Usually the payment comes on the 28th of each month at exactly 20:37 UK time. Today I have received nothing and was relying on that money to get me through the next couple of days. I...

      • Why are payment rates lower?

        Why are payment rates lower?

        3 years ago

        I'm confused!  For the last week my traffic seems to have been higher than ever before - however, my earning rate per 1,000 views has halfed!  I cannot understand why because very little of my Hubpages income...

      • WARNING: Worldwide UFO Invasion 5th April 2014

        WARNING: Worldwide UFO Invasion 5th April 2014

        3 years ago

        I have been trying to get the word out about this and have made posts about it at Tumblr, Bubblews, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.On 5th April 2014, thousands of UFO's will be invading the skies of many countries -...

      • Old hubs being unpublished...

        Old hubs being unpublished...

        4 years ago

        I've just logged in to my account to find that one of my hubs, which has already been published here for the last 3 years with no problems, has suddenly been unpublished for containing graphic content.  Although...

      • Caffeine Intoxication...

        Caffeine Intoxication...

        4 years ago

        Caffeine Intoxication is now an official psychiatric disorder in the DSM-5.  What are your thoughts on this?

      • Hubpages unpublishing my hubs...

        Hubpages unpublishing my hubs...

        4 years ago

        Hubpages have developed a habit of keeping unpublishing my hubs for "linking to prohibited sites" - However, the particular hub in question which keeps repeatedly being unpublished does NOT contain any links...

      • Wordpress plagiarism

        Wordpress plagiarism

        4 years ago

        I have found the content to many of hubs posted on a Wordpress user's blog.  Wordpress refuse to accept liability and they offer no way of contacting them (they do not do email support!).  The Wordpress user...

      • Do we get paid for weekends?

        Do we get paid for weekends?

        5 years ago

        I have noticed that today my account balance hasn't updated.  Will this update accordingly on Monday or do we not get paid for weekends at all?Just wondering.

      • Holy Moly That Much Money??

        Holy Moly That Much Money??

        5 years ago

        I only signed up yesterday with Hubpages own earnings program, as previously I thought I was ineligible but discussed the situation with another hubber.I logged into my account today and I am truly shocked by how much I...

      • Hubpages Not Working Properly

        Hubpages Not Working Properly

        5 years ago

        Anyone else having problems with the site today?  Pages are loading extremely slow and half the time are failing to load at all.  I'm having difficulty managing to do anything here today. Anyone else having...

      • Content used on another site

        Content used on another site

        5 years ago

        I have just found a duplicate of my Covert Narcissism article, which I am the author of, posted on this website: http://www.narcissismfree.com/blog/?p=389 and it has been credited as being written by Sam Vaknin!