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I'm a stay at home mom, raising seven children! Homeschooling takes up a big part of my day while the rest of my day is trying to get the normal parts of life (like grocery shopping) organized around schooling, making sure my kids have a Godly education, and learning how to cook with less convenice foods and more whole foods.

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      • "Warning" message...

        "Warning" message...

        5 years ago

        I'm in the process of making a new recipe hub for the contest, but I am getting this warning:  WARNING: There are one or more recipe capsules in this Hub, but this Hub will not appear as a recipe in search...

      • How to get Hub into a high rank with Google?

        How to get Hub into a high rank with Google?

        7 years ago

        I have a seasonal hub that was in #1 position with Google last year.  I searched it and cannot find it now.  What do I need to do to get it back up there?  Change or update my hub somehow?  Any...

      • Keyword research interpetation of results?

        Keyword research interpetation of results?

        7 years ago

        I invested in my first keyword tool program...Keysnatcher.  My problem is that I do not know how to interpret the results.  Can anyone help me on this one?  Are all keyword programs the same when it comes...

      • Keyword Research Tool Question

        Keyword Research Tool Question

        7 years ago

        Have any of you used or heard about keywordcompetitor.com for keyword research?  They say it is free and I am doing a search now...for free!  I am trying it because it is free, but I wanted to know if I am...

      • Need Help

        Need Help

        7 years ago

        Since the format has been changed, I am not able to edit or publish any hubs.  I keep getting an "ERROR on page" message at the bottom of my screne.  Can anyone give me suggestions on what to...

      • Just Curious

        Just Curious

        7 years ago

        Does anyone on hub pages make money when their overall writing topic is not about hub pages, making money or money in general? The reason I am asking, is it seems like those who are "popular" are the ones with...

      • Do I need to be concerned about my 2yo?

        Do I need to be concerned about my 2yo?

        7 years ago

        My son's doctor wants me to send him to speach therapy because he isn't saying many words.  I kinda disagree.  He is only saying a few words, and once in awhile he will say a new word, but I can't get him to...

      • Links


        7 years ago

        To use a link of someone elses hub inside of your own hub, do you need to get permission from that person first?

      • Comment Etiquette

        Comment Etiquette

        7 years ago

        When you receive a comment on one of your hubs, do you always post back with a comment? Or, just when there is something to post back about.  For example if someone just comments that it is a nice hub, do I need to...

      • Today is my Birthday!

        Today is my Birthday!

        8 years ago

        I'm proudly 43 today!

      • McDonald's Incident

        McDonald's Incident

        7 years ago

        Yesterday my husband went into McDonald's to get my son some lunch.  He chose this place because of the Monopoly game, otherwise he would have gone somewhere else.  He went through the drive-thru and...

      • Hub Mob Graphic Question

        Hub Mob Graphic Question

        8 years ago

        I am new at this, and I just wrote my first hub for the hubmob. What I don't know is how to add the hubmob graphic.  I am BAD at pictures. You can tell if you have read any of my other hubs. It is something I...

      • Figuring out my Oven

        Figuring out my Oven

        8 years ago

        What is the difference between using the pre-heat button on my oven or just turning the bake onto the degree I want and waiting for it to heat to that temperature?