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I teach Chemistry to middle and high school students. I love nature and to be in natural surroundings - books, birds, trees/plants, good music and a warm sunny weather relax me. I am an educationist, love reading and writing interesting stuff, net surfing and learning new things.

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      • Getting my first payout from Hubpages Ad program

        Getting my first payout from Hubpages Ad program

        5 years ago

        My hubpages earnings are showing 60 $ as of now, so that means I have already crossed the threshold amount, I would like to know how and when will I get paid, my paypal account which is associated with my hubpages...

      • Do we need a catalyst?

        Do we need a catalyst?

        7 years ago

        A catalyst is a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction, without itself being used in the reaction. Sometimes catalysts can be negative also, reducing the speed of the reaction. usually catalysts are required in...

      • How about some kitchen chemistry?

        How about some kitchen chemistry?

        7 years ago

        Everyone must be having some experience in the chemistry involved when we are in the kitchen. For example, a very trivial one is, when you keep onions in vinegar, it turns dark purple. That is because onions like many...

      • Queries regarding category description

        Queries regarding category description

        7 years ago

        In the last week's hubpages weekly, Jason Menayan had requested hubbers to help in writing descriptions for categories or add new categories. I had opened the form but what are we supposed to write? What do you actually...

      • When can we expect the next contest after Hubbalicious?

        When can we expect the next contest after Hubbalicious?

        7 years ago

        When I had joined hubpages in June, a lot of excitement was going on about reading and writing hubs on Food. So, I am dying to know how often do we have contests? When will the next contest on hubpages be? Thanks in...

      • Acknowledging Hubpages

        Acknowledging Hubpages

        7 years ago

        I have joined Hubpages 8 weeks ago and just published 15 hubs. But today I am really happy to see my third accolade: "for writing particularly engaging hubs that people read from start to finish". I got two...

      • How can we broaden the categories?

        How can we broaden the categories?

        7 years ago

        Is there a way to add some categories or sub categories, because the categories and sub categories already provided are not sufficient and in keeping with the vast range of topics one can write on? Do we have that...

      • Need some constructive criticism.

        Need some constructive criticism.

        7 years ago

        I have registered with Hubpages 4 weeks ago but been active since last two weeks. I have a plan to join the 30 Hubs in 30 days Challenge in July, so before I start, I would really like the experienced hubbers to go...