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Mystic, author. I believe in pushing the envelope. In other words, no limitations. Let's see how far we can go. I enjoy exploring the mind. That is my favorite subject. In this journey, I have explored both ancient and modern techniques. Some of the secrets are quite extraordinary. The journey never ends. Whenever I think I have seen and heard it all, another door bursts open with a thousand new possiblities.

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  • Higher States of Awareness

    Higher States of Awareness

    3 years ago

    Many have now discovered easy ways to step out of the everyday thought realm and explore other dimensions of the mind. Meditation is perhaps one the most popular ways of reaching various states of consciousness. Some...

  • The Media Control

    The Media Control

    5 years ago

    Are we awake or asleep? Are we living in reality or someone else's illusion? From the time we were children we have been lured into watching television. From cartoons to children's products and as we mature, from...

  • Overcoming Limitations

    Overcoming Limitations

    5 years ago

    There are too many people walking around with self imposed limitations. Somehow a thought has been lodged in their minds that prevents them from extraordinary achievements. Most people don't realize that they are being...

  • Can you be happy now?

    Can you be happy now?

    6 years ago

     Maybe it's time for a good belly laugh! When was the last time you had a good laugh? I'm not talking about a polite laugh or a fake laugh. I mean a real, fall out of your chair laugh! You should have at least one of...

  • Remove Negativity

    Remove Negativity

    2 years ago

    You can be free of negativity. Peace is always within you. It makes no difference what others are doing or what they think of you. It makes no difference what happens in the world. Peace is here now.

  • Power of Believing

    Power of Believing

    4 years ago

    There is power in believing but it requires consistent belief. Suppose you had a specific desire or a problem that needed to be solved. Can you believe that you already have the solution? Can you maintain that belief...

  • Zen Emptiness is Enlightenment

    Zen Emptiness is Enlightenment

    3 years ago

    Emptiness is the secret of enlightenment. Once you see the nothing, you are free. No effort is needed. Just a different understanding. Now is the time to free yourself. Emptiness is waiting for you.

  • Release the Past

    Release the Past

    4 years ago

     Freedom is right now. If we are really in the present moment, everything is new. Why do so many people linger over past experiences? If it brings pleasure, perhaps a fond memory, it becomes a longing. If it brings...

  • Chant for Transformation

    Chant for Transformation

    3 years ago

    The Power of Chanting is explosive. By accumulating psycho-kinetic energy, you become all powerful. This is a secret of the great Mystic Masters.

  • Infinite Power Within You

    Infinite Power Within You

    3 years ago

    If you knew how powerful you really are your life would never be the same. Life itself is power. Everyone has been given infinite power but they don't know it. People have been conditioned to go into all kinds of...

  • Self Esteem= The Royal Road to Happiness

    Self Esteem= The Royal Road to Happiness

    7 years ago

    Loving yourself is a powerful method for creating more happiness in your life. Anytime you have ever felt hurt by what someone had said or done, there is a strong possibility that you started internalizing negative...

  • Peace through Detachment

    Peace through Detachment

    3 years ago

    You can be free of the world. You can have perfect peace now. It makes no difference what others are doing. Peace is within you now.

  • Miracle Healings

    Miracle Healings

    7 years ago

    For the past thirty years I have studied the subject of miracles. Miracles are events or activities that occur beyond the knowledge or realm of medical or scientific understanding. In other words it is an action that...

  • Powerful Solutions

    Powerful Solutions

    7 years ago

    Is there a magic way to solve problems? Most people would say no, it takes hard work. This cliche, it takes "hard work" has been honored for centuries. Who enjoys hard work? Why can't we get results easily? If you took...