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Hello everyone. I'm a post grad student currently doing an MBA. Have a first degree in English and writing is always a great way of perfecting language skills.I believe that good language skills can get one very far. Im fluent in Italian (almost as good as my English) and quite fluent in french too.

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  • Prenatal Care and Antenatal Tests

    Prenatal Care and Antenatal Tests

    7 months ago

    Prenatal care is such an important aspect of being pregnant that every woman should be well informed about what it is all about. Prenatal care includes basic health checks and perhaps even genetic tests. All this...

  • Urine samples and DNA testing

    Urine samples and DNA testing

    4 years ago

    There are many DNA samples that can be used for a paternity test. People often inquire about urine and whether one can use this sample for a paternity test. You might wish to know more about this sample to understand...

  • Cheating in a Paternity Test

    Cheating in a Paternity Test

    5 years ago

    People seeking to do a paternity test often worry about test participants can cheat. The article explores some of the main ways in which people try to cheat and the ways in which DNA testing companies will most likely...