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Advertising is a means of telling people about goods or services that they can buy or can otherwise obtain. Generally, a person or company that advertises is trying to sell something: shops and stores advertise the articles they have in stock, cinemas advertise their current and future movie releases, window cleaners advertise the service they offer, and the car owner who is changing cars advertises his old vehicle for sale. But people also advertise for other reasons: for example, charities advertise to gain support for their work, and employers advertise for staff.

The most popular media (means of advertising) are those that reach the greatest number of people, chiefly television, radio, newspapers, magazines and now the Internet. Advertising posters, too, are very common. They can be seen everywhere in our cities: on billboards, on special advertising pillars in the street (as in France and Germany), in railway stations and airports, and in buses and trains. Many of them are interesting and even beautiful. Others are vulgar and silly.

Today, advertising is a huge industry that employs millions of people, including artists, researchers, writers, photographers, actors, salesmen, graphic designers, SEO and web designers. Many of the people who work in advertising are employed by advertising agencies which are firms specializing in producing advertisements on behalf of clients who have goods or services to sell. Agencies carry out market research, to find out what products members of the public like and want, and what kinds of advertising are the most effective. They advise their clients on the most suitable media, and prepare the advertisements.

On a smaller scale small to medium enterprises who don't have specific products that they want branded and advertised still need to properly promote their greatest asset... their business. Starting with their logo and following this throughout their corporate image. They need to brand themselves so the audience will easily identify them. The repetition of uniformity creates trust, and trust is what you need to achieve to capture your market. After that it's your quality of product and service which will determine their loyalty.

At Startpoint we can set your path in the right direction. A professionally designed logos and business cards to get you started. And then brochures and signage to keep you going. Also a website that works. There is no one size fits all solution, and we can help you find the right fit for your business that you can afford.

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