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Steafán is a musician, poet, freelance writer, artist and public speaker who has discovered that there is a certain bliss in living and pursues the path of becoming intimate with that bliss.

He has spent time exploring the inner world and bringing back sketches of art, song and knowledge, but he wishes it be shared: In many ways he understands its not even his; like Columbus he merely ‘discovered’ it.

Here you will find many of these snippets, all mined from dreams, prolonged imaginations, meditation, what would be called psychotic halluncinations and memories. What unifies all these are their notion of ‘breaking through to the otherside’ and bringing something back to sing it to the world as in the great Irish tradition of the Lilting Druid.

Although this may make him sound like a floozy dreamer, he spends much time pursuing active new challenges such as Thai Kickboxing, Mai Ram Yoga, Slam Poetry and discovering the shady locations found around the ancient streets of Dublin both late at night and bright at day.

If you would like to contact Steafán about anything he would be happy to hear from you via the contact form below.

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