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I've loved reading and writing from an early age, and always liked telling stories, creating adventures or magical places with my words. Most of my stories take place in and around Barrington, R.I. and the neighboring states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and lately, Florida. I like to borrow from my adventures with friends and often spin real events into my writing. I enjoy writing Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction, I've written nearly thirty short stories. Many of these were published in “Lovecraftian Ramblings, an H.P. Lovecraft fan magazine. These are now part of the Brown University H.P. Lovecraft collection. To date I have published one Novel, “OFFSPRING” which tells a story of Alien abduction, genetic manipulation of the human race, ancient astronauts, and the end of days, and an ordinary man marked since he was born, as the savior of mankind. I'm also in the middle of another Novel, “Hummingbird Wings”, a story of time travel and an enduring love across the ages. Recently I wrote a short story, titled The Doorway to Hell, and the response was so overwhelmingly encouraging, that I decided to continue this into a novel; a series of different adventures in a strange, magical world, where flesh and blood companion animals hatch from trees out of amniotic sacs, and a voice from the sky answers questions and illuminates the truth of our world and our origins. I've also written a children's book, “Noogies are Wild,” a story of sibling rivalry, overcoming adversity, and how love between siblings can overcome all odds. I would love to find a publisher for this. I've also authored a series of memoirs of growing up in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The stories of my life are crazy, amusing and tragic. To say I am lucky to be alive, is an understatement.

I was born and raised in Barrington, Rhode Island, a beautiful middle class town on the shores of Narragansett Bay. Growing up here in the late 50s and 60s was magical. My best friend, lived next door, and we got into all sorts of “mischief” together. In many ways, our lives in that age of innocence, was like the old TV series, “Leave it to Beaver”. Down the road from us was in inland cove, Hundred Acre Cove. We dug soft shelled clams from the sand at the shore, and got Quahogs (hard shelled clams)from the shallow water mud. My friends and I, known affectionately as “The Dirty Dozen” were avid snorkelers and eventually, scuba divers, and we often speared eels in the cove, and ate them. They always moved when you cooked them. In the winter, it always froze despite being mostly salt water, and we ice skated on it. We got arrested once for playing on the ice flows, when the ice broke up in the spring. We were thirteen at the time. We rode our bikes into neighboring Massachusetts, all the time. Our parents only knew we were off on our bikes, and we'd be gone all day without them worrying or expecting a phone call.

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  • Irma's Deliverance

    Irma's Deliverance

    2 months ago

    Short fiction based on actual events at the height of Hurricane Irma

  • Into the Wilderness - The Search for Curly

    Into the Wilderness - The Search for Curly

    10 months ago

    Part II of the Doorway to Hell series. After his tree - hatched companion Curly runs off into the wilderness of planet Eden, Jim Dunphy deals with Hominids and Reptilians to save him.

  • The Doorway to Hell

    The Doorway to Hell

    10 months ago

    After discovering a strange doorway in the woods, a man finds himself in a world with three suns,; where companion animals grow on trees, and anything is possible, with help from a voice in the sky.