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stonesandfindings profile image


Joined 3 years ago




Stones and Findings is a jewelry artisan studio with a unique twist. Its business philosophy is to offer a large and distinctive selection, competitive prices, and top-of-the-line customer service. One of the main hurdles facing independent accessory designers in Canada today is that it is too difficult to find unique, quality components locally. The result is that their designs are unnecessarily limited, and they have significant challenges competing with American and European markets. Fortunately, the passionate and knowledgeable group at Stones and Findings provides an avenue out of the creative quagmire, providing Canada's aspiring and established designers with fresh resources to stimulate imagination and inspire the artistic process. As well as offering totally unique components, Stones and Findings does not compromise on quality, and is incredibly cost-competitive. Stones and Findings' main strength is its huge selection of semi-precious gemstones, but it also offers a wide array of Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, Gold Vermeil, and Rhodium Plated chains and findings. Not only do they design their own Cubic Zirconia cuts, but also boast the biggest selection of Freshwater Pearls in the country, which are custom-dyed for a plethora of visual styles. With an amazingly broad colour palette and a huge portfolio of shapes, this company offers a tremendous variety of jewellery components for use by the nation's up-and-coming design talent. For ultimate convenience, a user friendly website ( allows designers to browse the vast collection, order online, read informative articles about gemstones, pearls and metals, and more. With a reputation for rigorous quality standards and consistent customer satisfaction, Stones and Findings continues to faithfully serve the needs of a burgeoning Canadian accessory design community. Finally, local designers have the tools they need to make truly original, home-grown styles, and the means to make them available and competitive in the world market.

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  • How to Darken Your Own Sterling Silver Jewelry

    How to Darken Your Own Sterling Silver Jewelry

    8 years ago

    Sterling silver is a very versatile metal. You can polish it. You can hammer it. And you can even change it's color. Find out more about sterling silver from the experts at Stones and Findings Save Money on your...