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  • Pioneer Housekeeping

    Pioneer Housekeeping

    9 years ago

    Next time you're popping a roast in the microwave or taking some delicacy from the freezer, spare a thought for the colonial housewife, that resourceful pioneer lady who ran a household with the barest of utensils, made her own bread, butter, soap...

  • Tiny Mischief Makers

    Tiny Mischief Makers

    9 years ago

    Nearly everyone in Australia knows about white ants, because, although they are blind and very small, they are one of our greatest pests. They live in huge communities, and when they go out looking for food, the race of man is in trouble. They eat...

  • How Hay Is Made

    How Hay Is Made

    10 years ago

    Hay is a livestock feed that consists of dried plants, especially grasses. Hay is fed mainly to cattle and horses, and it is used mostly in winter when fresh grass is not available. A dairy cow may consume 20 to 30 pounds (9-14 kg) of hay daily...

  • Rugby Union

    Rugby Union

    10 years ago

    Rugby Union is a football game played with an oval ball by two teams of 15 players each. It derives its name from Rugby School in England, where the game was first played in 1823. It was an outgrowth of soccer football, its chief difference being...

  • Choose a Doctor

    Choose a Doctor

    10 years ago

    When moving into a new area, speak to neighbors and friends to see which doctor in the area they recommend. Do not rely entirely on their advice though, because doctors are human and personality clashes can occur. The GP that your neighbor can...

  • 0


    10 years ago

    A traditional hunting weapon of the Australian Aborigines, the boomerang has attracted much interest and curiosity by its unique design and aerodynamic properties. Boomerang making is an Aboriginal craft that has been handed down for generations. Not all Aboriginals used boomerangs and many relied...

  • Rum Rebellion

    Rum Rebellion

    10 years ago

    Rum Rebellion is the name given to the action of officers of the New South Wales Corps, who in 1808 forcibly deposed Governor Bligh. The governor had been making strong efforts to stop their profiable liquor traffic, which he considered was harming the colony. Major George Johnston was dismissed...

  • Dingoes


    10 years ago

    In a land of marsupials, a land that has been described as a huge natural reserve for archaic forms of life, a representative of the wolf clan became established thousands of years ago and is still flourishing despite man's ceaseless efforts to...

  • Judging Beef Cattle

    Judging Beef Cattle

    10 years ago

    The best way to gain an impression of your animal is to study him at a distance, where one can readily distinguish character and gait. A bold parader who walks freely and can stand on his feet will be a big acquisition in moving about your paddocks...

  • How Do Bees Make Honey?

    How Do Bees Make Honey?

    4 years ago

    Honey is made only by certain members of the honeybee colony. These bees, called workers, forage for nectar. It is estimated that worker bees must obtain nectar from more than two million flowers to make a single pound of honey. Using their long...

  • How does a microscope work?

    How does a microscope work?

    9 years ago

    A microscope is an instrument that produces a clear magnified image of an object viewed through it. A microscope must be able not only to magnify objects sufficiently but also to resolve, or separate, the fine details of the object that are of...

  • The Eucalyptus Tree

    The Eucalyptus Tree

    12 years ago

    Eucalyptus Gum Trees are a very large genus of evergreen trees, confined to Australia, except four species of Malayan origin. These trees determine the appearance of the Australian landscape, for eucalypts are more widely distributed than any other...


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