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I am a mother, a wife and an artist and I have many obscure interests which I enjoy sharing when I can find the time to write. Blog Etsy Store If you would like to contact me for any reason please do so through the contact button under my picture. Resources I have used when writing lenses: SquidInk, SquidTools

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  • Painting Your Own Nesting Dolls

    Painting Your Own Nesting Dolls

    3 years ago

    This year I took up a new random hobby painting nesting dolls. Inspiration to paint my own struck me a few months ago when I saw some really inexpensive sets being sold as kits for children in the local HobbyCraft (now...

  • How to Creatively Burn Paper for Crafts

    How to Creatively Burn Paper for Crafts

    10 months ago

    Burning paper in a controlled way is easy to do with the right tools. Luckily the right tools are pretty inexpensive and can be used for other crafts as well! Why would you want to burn paper edges? Well, if you've got...

  • Make KFC-Style Hot Wings at Home

    Make KFC-Style Hot Wings at Home

    10 months ago

    Lots of versions of this recipe exist on the web. This one isn't an exact match to the ones you can get at KFC, but it is delicious and is pretty close!

  • Create Tree Silhouette Paintings

    Create Tree Silhouette Paintings

    3 years ago

    The process that I've outlined below can be applied to drawing as well as painting. Silhouettes of trees have always fascinated me. I've often lost myself in the crooked shapes of dusk, following contours with my eyes...