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With a Master`s Degree in English & Diploma in Information & Business Management, she has expert language skills and cultural competencies. As an effective communicator she certainly has strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities. She had also been responsible to manage accounts of some big shot companies who have their presence across the globe.

She has penned infamous columns for The Telegraph, The Bengal Post, various company websites and magazines. If seen with a notebook and a pen, then know that she is at her best!

Resolute yet Emotional..this is what I am. Queer but Sensible..this is what I am. And without putting much effort on all the available paradoxes, let me introduce you to "Me"..fondly known to the world as Ms. Sukalpa Goswami.

Practical, yet I love to see and imagine beyond all the rationalties. Harbinger of a meticulously carved utopia, it can but only put a smile on your face. An ardent Literature enthusiast, I believe in all the artistry and illusion that it has to offer.

For me the world represents a turbulent sea and I am set adrift without a map, and thus I leave you to wonder..."Am I not a bit cold?"
And...This "woman of substance" definitely has an answer to unfold...!

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