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I am from Srilanka and have studied Engineering and Management. My interests are so widespread that I call myself a generalist rather than a specialist. I am a lot happy about it, though in today's context being a generalist doesn't mean much like it used to be some time back.

I started writing after my retirement from a long years of service. I am new to writing and enjoy writing to hubpages. The occational adsense clicks and the amazon purchases I see on the stats also are encouraging though I am yet to receive my first checks from both. What I most enjoy here is the enormous help and encouragement from fellow hubbers especially seniors. They go out of their way to offer help by way of comments, emails and encouragement by praise, vote and following in addition to their informative and instructional hubs. Thanks to them all.

If you are not a member of this great community join now. it is free. Now you can read great hubs written by writers here (even without becoming a member you can read them). You can write, and start writing and learn by writing with great help from others. Above all you can start earning and build up a regular stream of residual income if you build up the number of your hubs over the time and being patient.

Some of the Hubs I have published here are:

My Dream Car Was Not The Most Expensive Sport Car In The World

Chinese Cars in Foreign Markets - Hafei Lobo

New Uses for Old Tires, that Solve an Environment Problem

Srilanka Auto News - Sri Lanka Motors

Optimizing Revenue from an Adsense Site or a Hub with Correct Adword Select Techniques

Acceptance of Chinese Cars in Foreign Markets

Recycle Your Mobile and Protect Environment

Alien Life Found on Earth?

World's Best Bird Watching Site - Srilanka

LG Vacuum Cleaner - Model: LuV300B

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