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I write articles about sustainability practices springing up all over the world to reassure activists that we are not alone. I share techniques that others are developing, so new ideas can be born. I also share practical knowledge from my 30 years of experience as an activist, so others can learn from it.

In real life I'm known as Susette Horspool. On Hubpages I'm also known as Watergeek, since I worked for several years in water conservation. Water is a basic element of life everywhere, and it and all of our other resources need to be kept in a sustainable balance for the earth and its inhabitants to thrive.

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      • Leave as is or split into two?

        Leave as is or split into two?

        6 weeks ago

        I just submitted this hub to Owlcation.  But I'm still not sure about whether I should split it into two articles/hubs or leave it as one. What do you suggest?https://hubpages.com/politics/Man-and-N …...

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        Word Change Game

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      • Dead hubber link after editing articles

        Dead hubber link after editing articles

        8 months ago

        On both of my hub identities, when I edit an article I cannot then go back to my account listing. The hubber link is dead. I have to click on "Write!" in order to find the link back to my account. This is...

      • Links capsule not recording additional links.

        Links capsule not recording additional links.

        2 years ago

        I just tried to add another link to one of my hub's link capsules, but it doesn't show up when I save the hub. I opened the hub in edit mode again and the link I'd added was there, but it doesn't show in published mode....

      • Hub Hopper

        Hub Hopper

        3 years ago

        There have been lots of postings about the hub hopper, and I've seen my issue brought up, but as far as I know it hasn't actually been addressed. I like hub hopping, however it's really frustrating to use the left...

      • Public Opinion Survey

        Public Opinion Survey

        5 years ago

        If you had to take a public opinion survey on a topic you cared about, how would you reach people who have cell phones, but no landline?