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Suzanne Day profile image

Suzanne Day

Joined 7 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Last activity 3 weeks ago.




Also follow me on:

Hi, I’m a creative artist in all aspects of my life, and love innovating, designing and crafting. In my working career, I’ve been a blogger, social media manager, graphic/web designer, communications manager and internationally published poet. My hobbies are numerous and still breeding like rabbits – I like lapidary (gemstone polishing and faceting), reading, writing, crochet, beading, home decorating, jewellery making and upcycling.

My dream is to travel the world (so far, I’ve only managed a few places like Malaysia, Fiji and Tasmania) and eat lots of great food!

I look forward to contributing useful information in my hubs and hope you enjoy reading them. I hail from Melbourne, Australia and I like to write about new things I've discovered, useful tips I can't live without and obscure fascinations I’ve explored. I’ve been previously published in hundreds of places, including The Big Issue, Going Down Swinging, Cordite, LINQ, Poetrix,, Empire Times and Stylus.

Cheers x

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    • RESOLVED: Hub is

      RESOLVED: Hub is "Stuck"

      3 years ago

      Hi, just started a new hub. It will not save with the "Done Editing" button and I cannot do any edits on it (ie, I do the edits, click the "done editing" button and it sits in limbo "loading"). The "loading" goes on forever and it appears I cannot update the...

    • QAP


      3 years ago

      Hi, just wondering how long QAP will take? I have waited more than 24hrs for my newest hub to shows it being featured in my account but it is not showing on my profile...

    • Bug? More By...

      Bug? More By...

      3 years ago

      Hi All,In my herpes hub, there is a link to my Barbie hub in the "More By" section. Can this be fixed?Thanking you in advance!

    • Suggestion;

      Suggestion; "More By..." Feature

      3 years ago

      Hi,I recently reported a bug with the "More By" author feature on the right side bar inside hubs, where my hub for herpes had a "More By" of Barbie movies and this didn't seem right with topic choice. I thought of some great suggestions for the More By feature, which would...

    • 4

      "More By"

      3 years ago

      Hi All,Regarding the "More By" link on hubs on the right sidebar when inside hubs, can we have it so that it displays a hub from the same group as the original hub?I was quite alarmed to view my herpes hub and see a "More" link to my Barbie reviews. I just don't think that kind...

    • Suggestion: Recent Images - Is It Needed?

      Suggestion: Recent Images - Is It Needed?

      3 years ago

      Hi,Regarding the "Recent Images" which shows on our profiles in the right sidebar - is it a feature that is needed? The font looks different to the other fonts in the list and I think the real estate could be used better.Often when I make hubs, some of my most recent photos might be the...

    • New English Writing Review Service Available!

      New English Writing Review Service Available!

      3 years ago

      Not sure if anyone is allowed to advertise for services on HP

    • Suzanne is back and ready to party on at LinkedIn!

      Suzanne is back and ready to party on at LinkedIn!

      3 years ago

      Hi everyone, after a little hiatus I am now back for my next round of hubbing (or punishment - just kidding!)I'm in between jobs at the moment and thought I'd use the time to start thinking about whipping up my next round of hubs. While playing around on LinkedIn, I noticed that there's a group of...

    • Amazon Descriptions

      Amazon Descriptions

      3 years ago

      Hi everyone! Is there a way to put descriptions (other than a title) in Amazon capsules? I've seen a few around on hubs and don't have the foggiest how to do it. Would love to learn how....

    • RESOLVED: Images not loading correctly

      RESOLVED: Images not loading correctly

      3 years ago

      Hi, I've just been looking through some of my hubs and there's at least one image on each one that doesn't load correctly and I get the "x".I have tried clearing browser history settings, but it still shows these images not loading.For example, check out my hub on Shamrock Polymer Clay...

    • Hello To New SquidPagers

      Hello To New SquidPagers

      3 years ago

      Or whatever you want to call yourselves Here are some of the hangouts we use on here for extra traffic generation. Hubbers, please feel free to add your own to the discussion, we're always looking for new ones.FACEBOOKHot Hubbers( … 0/?fref=ts)What The...

    • Amazon - AT LAST!!!

      Amazon - AT LAST!!!

      3 years ago

      Just a quick note that after years of Amazon avoidance, I finally made a sale!I used to use Amazon before Panda and made some sales, then it all died off and Google seemed to be rewarding me for NOT having Amazon on hubs, so I removed all my Amazon capsules. But recently I have added a couple of...

    • Four More Duplications Of Hubpages Site

      Four More Duplications Of Hubpages Site

      4 years ago

      Hi all,Found four more duplications of the Hubpages site out there when continuing my duplication cleanup. They are:http://sport [dot] aliexirs [dot] ir/Visiting-Asia-HubPages-com [dot] htmlhttp://darman [dot] aliexirs [dot] ir/Suzanne-Day-on-HubPages [dot] htmlhttp://www2 [dot] marketwire [dot]...

    • Thumbnails stretched in weird ways

      Thumbnails stretched in weird ways

      4 years ago

      Just a quick notice for technical staff. On our profile pages, the thumbnails for the pics of hubs are all stretched out of shape and they make the page look unprofessional. Can we fix this?

    • What About...?

      What About...?

      4 years ago

      Dear Hubpages staff,I love you. You always answer my questions and help me with all assistance. You're doing a fantastic, great job with Hubpages and I'm gonna keep writing here because I love the magazine style easy layout and ease of creating hubs.However, I am bit concerned that [name redacted]...

    • Forum Spam - Is Anything Being Done?

      Forum Spam - Is Anything Being Done?

      4 years ago

      We seem to be having quite a lot of forum spam lately, I've been reporting it up to 5 times a day and I'm sure there's been others reporting it too. Why anyone would come to a writing site to promote their products here when we're all trying to make money instead of spend it? Obviously, the forum...

    • Another copy of Hubpages

      Another copy of Hubpages

      4 years ago

      Is this a stolen copy of the Hubpages blog? Replace dot x 3 with . in urlhttps://london-s01-i15-traffic dot cyberghostvpn dot com/go/browse.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.hubpages dot com&b=7

    • Copied Hubs - I found the answer!

      Copied Hubs - I found the answer!

      3 years ago

      Hi all,I've been using Google Alerts to find and report duplicated hubs without having to spend hours doing a monthly search for them. Here's what you do. Go to Google Alerts, add an alert and copy and paste the headline in "" into the alert, eg., "Headline". Then select - How...

    • What Is This Site???

      What Is This Site???

      4 years ago

      Found a weird proxy website for Hubpages here (put the dot in after proxybay):http://proxybaydotnl/browse.php? I tried to go to the main domain of proxybay dot nl it ends up even more confusing and I don't know what it's supposed to...

    • How To Get On Google + At What The Hub?

      How To Get On Google + At What The Hub?

      4 years ago

      Want a higher ranking? Some people will disagree, but my opinion is that you get better ranking by using Google + (and hence more traffic) if you have your hub +1'd multiple times. Google pluses are shown by many people to be more effective than Facebook likes, as Google places top emphasis on its...

    • What The Hub? Facebook Community Page Now Open

      What The Hub? Facebook Community Page Now Open

      4 years ago

      Just started up a community page for hubbers called "What The Hub?" for really cool hubs that deserve to see more likes on Facebook!Feel free to post your own or someone else's hub.★★★ POSTING RULES ★★★1. The posted item must be a hub, published at Hubpages.2. Please like the...

    • Questions & Answers - To Do Or Not?

      Questions & Answers - To Do Or Not?

      4 years ago

      Hi everyone,I'm just starting out in the wonderful world of Hubpages questions and answers. I've had a look through the help centre and only found a little info....basically that Q&A's are meant to be a very mini hub type thing, where you can earn the 60% for all views on your Question and...

    • Amazon - Is it set up correctly?

      Amazon - Is it set up correctly?

      4 years ago

      When I first had amazon at hubpages, I was given affiliate code, which I was originally using: hubpagesXXX-XXNow, with the new Amazon program, my affiliate code on the earnings page at HP is: hubacctXXX-XXIs this correct? I don't seem to be getting any activity on my account since changing over and...

    • Alexa Trivia

      Alexa Trivia

      4 years ago

      Just checked out my Hubpages url on Alexa and it turns out that there's so many people from India visiting that my country rank is now based in India, instead of in Australia. Has anyone had a similar experience?I thought that the country you come from, with the language you use is meant to be...

    • New Category Needed - Lapidary

      New Category Needed - Lapidary

      4 years ago

      Hi, I am starting some lapidary hubs and feel they don't fit properly anywhere else. Can we start a lapidary category?

    • Query About Photo Library

      Query About Photo Library

      4 years ago

      Hi all,Just a few questions about the photo library we all have on Hubpages.1. I like to use line dividers in my hubs. In order to insert the line divider I use, I need to scroll past two years worth of photos to reach it. Is there a quicker way to access the photos you need? (Apart from scrolling...

    • Total Hubs views is for currently publoshed Hubs

      Total Hubs views is for currently publoshed Hubs

      4 years ago

      Hi, this morning I looked at my page views for "Ever" and it was a certain number.This afternoon, that number has changed to be 200 less views. Just curious as to why the numbers went down?

    • Links opening in new window

      Links opening in new window

      4 years ago

      Hi, would love to get our profile page links (eg the Facebook, Pinterest etc etc in the top right) opening in a new window when they are opened. It is really annoying to try to follow someone, then navigate back to the HP site without pressing back back back all the time!Can we make them open in a...

    • Removing Copied Articles - Useful Information

      Removing Copied Articles - Useful Information

      4 years ago

      Hi everyone, I have recently begun working on checking and removing copied content from my hubs on the web. I am doing a rather in depth analysis, so thought I'd share what I am doing with you, so you can try it too, if you want to.I have a few steps to find the stolen content:1. Use Copyscape. Pay...

    • Another website copying content

      Another website copying content

      4 years ago

      Here's another pirate website that took one of my hubs: http://searcharticles dot net/Check to see if yours is in there....

    • Relax & Chill (Chillax)

      Relax & Chill (Chillax)

      4 years ago

      If you could relax in any way that you wanted, what would you prefer?For example, I'd love to have a long, long night's sleep (16 hours at least), followed by instant transport to a lovely bohemian forest with a bottle of wine, where I'd read a good book covered by my handmade quilt (as yet unmade)...

    • Different Types Of Hubs - For Different Types Of Success & Traffic

      Different Types Of Hubs - For Different Types Of Success & Traffic

      4 years ago

      OK, I want to talk about different types of hubs and how they work regarding traffic and success. Here are some types I've identified below:1. It's interesting or funny. It's eyecatching and has brilliant photos. It is something at least half the world wants to know about. This hub does well on...

    • Another blogspot website pinching articles from Hubpages

      Another blogspot website pinching articles from Hubpages

      4 years ago

      One of my hubs got copied and pasted on some blog.I have filed a DMCA twice - no response yet, still waiting and waiting.Then discovered that nearly all the articles are from hubpages, not just my one hub that got copied.Here it is: me get this idiot...

    • Thumbnails in Google Search

      Thumbnails in Google Search

      4 years ago

      Hi,Just a suggestion. I have established authorship with Google and now my author pic comes up in search results on Google. However, I think my author pic doesn't really help "sell" anything. I noticed that some recipes I was looking at had thumbnail pics drawn from the actual article in...

    • Getting hubs long does it take?

      Getting hubs long does it take?

      4 years ago

      I can see some of my new hubs in Google when I search for "hub name".But in Webmaster Tools, I submitted a sitemap and it says 38 URLs submitted and 10 indexed.I used Fetch as Google for a few new hubs and ticked some as URL for new page and URL for re-crawling the site.I also have some...

    • M.Turk appearing in hub stats

      M.Turk appearing in hub stats

      4 years ago

      Hi, I am concerned that keeps appearing in hub stats of mine. Especially on the new ones. I haven't bought anything from m.turk and don't go to that site at all.......any idea why it's coming from there? I have a hunch scrapers are looking for something to scrape? Or maybe they're just...

    • Thank you to the technical experts on HubPages

      Thank you to the technical experts on HubPages

      4 years ago

      Hi everyone, this is a thank you note to all the hard working people at HubPages. I have come back to the site after 2 years of absence. I have to say that there have been massive improvements in the presentation of hubs and the ease of creating them, which has made the site a much better platform...

    • add → text  in description

      add → text in description

      4 years ago

      Just a suggestion. The add → text which appears in the description field has appeared on my hub summaries, even though I have put text in. This involves me having to go back and edit all the hubs again. Is it possible to make add → text disappear as soon as something is written in the field?

    • Adsense earnings blocked thru Robots.txt file at Hubpages

      Adsense earnings blocked thru Robots.txt file at Hubpages

      7 years ago

      Hi,Everyone might be interested to know that as I was looking through my Adsense (new interface) today, I noticed that there was a crawler error with a Robots.txt file at Hubpages articles I've written. To see it, go to your new Adsense interface, Home/Account Settings/Crawler Access. I'm not sure...

    • Interesting PANDA analysis - how to fix your hubs & Hubpages

      Interesting PANDA analysis - how to fix your hubs & Hubpages

      7 years ago

      Here's an interesting article I found about what exactly you should do to skirt around the Google PANDA/content farm slap. Extra tips welcomed here too! … actors.htm

    • Hub Comments not visible

      Hub Comments not visible

      7 years ago

      There's been a development today where comments on hubs and RSS feeds under the hubs are not visible. You can't even see the rating/share buttons, only the concluding paragraph of your hub. Is there any way we could fix this up??? I am using Mozilla Firefox and comments were visible 24 hours ago...

    • An idea from the Snu!

      An idea from the Snu!

      7 years ago

      Hi everyone, just had an idea. I've often gone through the Share options of Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon etc etc. Instead of clicking all the buttons and entering all the passwords to post, or having to leave Hubpages and find other sites which don't offer all options, a main page for...

    • Dofollow links - are

      Dofollow links - are "join hubpages now" trackers going to work?

      7 years ago

      Hi everyone,I have a question regarding dofollow links. I have a hub which has some links on it throughout the text. At the bottom of my hub, I've written a spiel and put links to "take the hubpages tour" and "join hubpages now". I understand that only 2 links per hub are...