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Don`t publish here if you know what`s good for you. I wasted a lot of time jumping through their weird hoops. I made some money, but in the end it was a huge waste of time. I unpublished all my work in July of 2015. I held several awards and publised more than 100 hubs. I won`t be back.

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      • What the hell is going on here?

        What the hell is going on here?

        5 years ago

        Hey Guys and Gals, Man, I have just about had it with the traffic issues here at the Hubpages. I have published over 100 hubs here in two years. I have won several awards, I have had over 10, 000 views, and I have a...

      • Low score hubs

        Low score hubs

        5 years ago

        Will it help my overall score if I delete or un-publish low score hubs? I have over 77 Hubs and my traffic is between 150-200 hits a day over all my Hubs, and yet my score never goes above a 94. I saw a Hub that...