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Got Family Friendly lenses, Martial Arts stuff, etc.. that I can share with my wife and children and fellow Internet Marketers? I like to promote Mixed Martial Arts and other small businesses as an Internet Marketing Consultant | Strategist. A few things about me; -Jeet Kune Do Concepts Certified Martial Arts Instructor (Thai & FMA also, Trident MMA) -Former Military Maneuver and Logistics Officer. That was nice of you to click the MORE button... -I really like making Excel Spreadsheets -And oh yeah... thanks for following me!

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  • How to build A LEGO Set FAST!

    How to build A LEGO Set FAST!

    6 months ago

    Welcome to How To Build LEGO's FAST! In this lens I will tell you how to build and construct LEGO Sets fast. I will also add extra info on how to use the extra pieces from your LEGO Set to add some touches that will...