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Tara O'Grady (TaraOGrady)

Joined 10 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

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  • The Two Bracelets

    The Two Bracelets

    9 years ago

    After finding Diane, I was heartbroken to learn that she had lost her son, Keith Fairben on 9/11, he was an EMT Worker at the World Trade Towers in New York:

  • Colonel John F. O'Grady  POW/MIA

    Colonel John F. O'Grady POW/MIA

    9 years ago

    Colonel John O'Grady USAF POW/MIA Vietnam 1967 A pilot, an engineer, a graduate of the U.S.N.A & father of 7. O'Grady earned the Silver Star, 2 Flying Crosses, Bronze Star Medals, & a Purple Heart

  • The Day the World Stood Still

    The Day the World Stood Still

    10 years ago

    My heart my heart, how it cries out as it begins to break! Amid the wreckage, my eyes stare gasping in awe of the horror and despair. My spirit aches, I weaken as mine tears fill to overflow, my trembling body screams in terror and torment, I...

  • The Me I Could Have been

    The Me I Could Have been

    10 years ago

    f not for war, if not for pain. If not for the worlds' crushing anger, let me be the me I could have been. If not for poverty, if not for tragedy, If not for a child's unheard cries, let me be the me I could have been. If not for heartache, if not...

  • I Belong

    I Belong

    10 years ago

    In belonging to you, my needs are nurtured, My heart soars, and my tears are brushed aside. My soul deepens, my wisdom expands. And my spirit is strengthened. In belonging to you, my beauty blossoms. My sensuality heightens, and my body awakens. ...

  • Forever Lost

    Forever Lost

    10 years ago

    She is trapped across the sea, And, together one day we may be. I see her upon billowing clouds, crushed if I dare speak it aloud. The sorrow and misery deepen, frightened that I may be beaten. A glimpse of your shadow, I reach for thee. and,...

  • The Unknown Soldier

    The Unknown Soldier

    10 years ago

    Far away in an unmarked grave, I lie eternally with mine enemies, just because I tried to be brave. I rest with strangers in a foreign land, far from loved ones, who struggle to understand. My family mourns my lost soul they...

  • O'Grady's Legacy

    O'Grady's Legacy

    9 years ago

    "For he had been more than just the centerpiece of this family; he was the linchpin without which the wheels started to come off."

  • The Torn Photo

    The Torn Photo

    9 years ago

    Later I taped the two pieces of the photograph back together , hung it back upon my wall and then began the process of repairing the broken fragments of my life and healing my heart and soul~

  • The Phone Call

    The Phone Call

    9 years ago

    Words and phrases were construed painstakingly and contained heart felt messages sent to a far away land. Attached to each tape were children's voices abound with absolute love, longing and adoration.

  • Operation Homecoming

    Operation Homecoming

    9 years ago

    In 1973 the Prisoners of War from Vietnam return, many families waited in anticipation for the return of their loves one. Many soldiers were listed as Missing and families were filled with uncertainty

  • A Soldier's Daughter

    A Soldier's Daughter

    9 years ago

    "Daddy is flying a lot and the more he flies the sooner he will be home for good and that's what he wants more than anything else in the world, so he can give out great big hugs and kisses

  • The Parents

    The Parents

    9 years ago

    Threats, intimidation and harassment occurred regularly against anyone daring to attempt any form of unionization. John Martin O'Grady was fearless and tenacious and after countless battles eventually prevailed


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