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Welcome to Getting Kitchy. I'm Taylah Pannett and I'm an absolute food nut. There is nothing better, in my mind at least, than a delicious home cooked meal made with love. Good food is infectious and sharing it with people is my absolute joy.

I adore working with my hands. I truly think there is nothing more magical than seeing something completely new blossom beneath your fingertips. Craft to me is pure bliss. I started off with cross stitch, and have progressed throughout the years to knitting, crocheting, embroidery and quilting. If craft is your cup of tea, I'll be regularly putting up projects that I'm currently working on, and the patterns that go with them.

Cooking has always been a great escape for me. Feeling stressed? Pop on an apron and get cooking. Craving something sweet? Whip up a batch of cookies and indulge yourself. Whether you're cooking for yourself or cooking with a group of friends/family, it's always a fantastic way to connect and expand your knowledge on the gorgeous, decadent world of food.


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