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His gaze settled on the horizon where the first rays of the sun were beginning to disappear over the mountains. A calm breeze rolled down into the Basin from behind, and he peered off the edge of the cliff. Far below leaves rustled softly as the forest settled for the night. His breath slowed as he closed his eyes, and stepped to the edge. With his arms raised like a bird about to fly he let his body fall forward with the wind. The ...man plummeted towards the trees below, and he breathed in exhilaration as the wind swept through his fingers. A smile spread across his face as the bungee cord became taunt, and he rebounded back up, and down again. He looked up at his friends cheering, and his excited gaze moved to the last rays of the sun, orange and yellow, as they disappeared.

Now that i have you attention i am a creative writer/ soon to be travel writer. I use this site to write, and help people with problems by creating articles that I have experience or knowledge in. My biggest dream is to travel the world to better myself, and to gain more knowledge to write about. I write for enjoyment, but i hope one day I may make it into a living. I have along way to go, but i hope to gain support as i learn! I just started building a community base for when i begin to travel. You can find my page on facebook here included in my profile! Readers are very much welcome!

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