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“Lets start off on the right foot.” “You only make one first impression.” “A firm handshake says a lot about someone.” All three are statements pertain to the importance of one event – the introduction. That’s what this is. By reading this, you are acknowledging the fact that we caught your interest in some small way. Maybe you felt obligated out of friendship to look into what we have here. Maybe you’re just trying to waste time at work because your boss has taken an extended lunch while you need to stay at the office and tend to the herd. Maybe you don’t know how to operate a mouse, and clicked on us by accident. Whatever it is, you are here. Thanks for your interest, and welcome.

What this is going to be is the Chameleon Lifestyle Blog. Why Chameleon? Because it best symbolizes what we aim to promote – one’s ability to change regardless of circumstance in order to enjoy the bounties of that thing we all engage in called life. Is it too crass for us to refer to ourselves as experts? Perhaps. But we’re not the ones sitting at home on a warm Summer night when tail is scurry about town in barely legal attire with no undergarments. We’re not the ones that shy away from a bottle of red wine when out with a female out of fear of not appearing manly enough for her. We’re not the ones that allow the term “self-conscience” to stop us from rocking the hell out of that outfit. And we’re certainly not the ones that turn down the radio and sit there in silence while our car could have been filled with wonder (USS, anyone?)

We are Pirates of Life. Life is full of bounties and we intend on plundering as much of it as possible. We suggest you do the same. What is to follow is a variety of opinion pieces, and exposes involving what we firmly believe represents a full life. Should our opinions not be to your liking, enjoy your slow decline into the grave. We’d rather live. Should our exploits not make you laugh, or spark an intelligent thought into your cranium, blame your parents for a God awful genetic code. And than come back so we can reprogram you.

Not being completely arrogant, we realize there are many of you out there that probably have opinions that suit our own. We want to hear about them (thechameleonlife@gmail.com). Perhaps your stories and tips will be shared. And, yes, we will give you full credit.

There isn’t an ending, folks. Just the countless roads we have the chance to travel upon. Lets get walking.

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    7 years ago

      A successful launch means everything.  Just ask the folks involved with the Challenger.  The pre-drink is the launching pad for a memorable evening.  It's where strangers become friends, forties are crushed,...