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Hi everyone, my name is Mark and I am now living the Clean Life at the New Jersey Shore. My main thought when I joined HubPages was to educate those that may have an addiction to alcohol and give them hope that they too can become clean and sober as I have for the last four years.

Some of my other hubs are in regards to having a positive attitude in life and being able to fulfill and achieve your life's dreams and goals.

It is never too late to do any of the above. I did it, and so can you, so never give up hope. Keep trying until you succeed!

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      • Featured Hubs Gone

        Featured Hubs Gone

        3 years ago

        Can any one tell me why hundreds of my hubs that were Features have now gone to Not Featured (engagement) This is very upsetting. I have over 440 hubs and now most of them are Not featured.If anyone has a answer for...

      • Lost hub

        Lost hub

        4 years ago

        I just published a new hub about a hour ago and it was in review and now looking at my stats the hub is gone. I don't think I deleted it by mistake but if I did how can I get it back?

      • Ping O Matic

        Ping O Matic

        4 years ago

        I use pingomatic for my blog posting. Is it aloud by Hubpages to use this (pingomatic). I do not want to do something that is not aloud by Hubpages

      • Pingomatic


        4 years ago

        Can everyone me if we are aloud to post our hubs on Pingomatic. I have done so with my blog post but not HP and I didn't want to do something that was not aloud by Hubpages

      • HP Ads has no impact on referral codes

        HP Ads has no impact on referral codes

        4 years ago

        I shut off my HP ads yesterday, but I just thought about since I did so, would that effect my tracker that I have been using to have new people sing up on HP.

      • HP Ads verses Google Adsense

        HP Ads verses Google Adsense

        4 years ago

        I'd like to know what hubbers think regarding HP ads verses Google Adsense. Can you run both at the same time or only one.?If only one, which one do you think would earn more revenue? Is there a way to switch from HP...

      • Tracker


        4 years ago

        Can anyone tell me and show me how to make a tracker and how to place it in a link to have people signup such as on Facebook. I try but I must have did the link wrong and it read 404 pages doesn't exist

      • negative sign

        negative sign

        4 years ago

        can anyone tell me why over the last couple of weeks my daily traffic on some sites (including Hubpages ) today have a - (negative) sign in front of the daily views.

      • No ads

        No ads

        5 years ago

        I just published my 374th hub and there are no ads at all in the hub. has HP changed something by waiting 24 hours and does that include posting ads on your hub?

      • Ads matching content

        Ads matching content

        5 years ago

        Why are my ads not matching my content. I have written a hub "Hurricane sandy destroys Long beach island " and the ads are about alcohol addiction and rehab. Is there a way for me to change this so that the...

      • Matching Ads to content

        Matching Ads to content

        5 years ago

        Can anyone tell me why my ads are not matching my content. I just published a hub on Hurricane Sandy and ads are displaying all about alcohol and rehabs.

      • Money earned om Adsense and HP ads

        Money earned om Adsense and HP ads

        5 years ago

        Can someone tell me why each day the earning between both HP Ads and Google Adsense is between $.01 and $.02 each day.  I have just got 3 clicks and the total earned was only $.40. Why would 3 clicks be only worth...

      • HubPages Ad Program

        HubPages Ad Program

        5 years ago

        Is there anyone having problems with their HP Ad Program stats. Mine has been staying the same since (Feb 3), saying pending. That is not normal to see nothing or no impressions at all. Anyone having the same problem?

      • Contact


        5 years ago

        Can anybody tell me why "ask a question to the cleanlife" and "contact the clean life is gone from my Profile Page?

      • Fan Mail

        Fan Mail

        6 years ago

        I have been having a problem with my Fan Mail. I go to follow someone and write a message in Fan mail. When I hit submit it tells me something went wrong and should report the problem.

      • Unfollow


        6 years ago

        Can someone tell me why all my hubs whether score is over 75 or under have down by the comment capsule  (UNFOLLOW 1,2 3, AND SO ON)Can someone explain it for me?  Thank you.

      • HubPages Ads and Google Adsense

        HubPages Ads and Google Adsense

        6 years ago

        Is it true that if you have Hubpages ads and also Google Adsense only one will make money from clicks? I have notice no clicks on Google Adsense since I sign up for HP ad programs.I have make some money through HP ads....

      • Title Tuner

        Title Tuner

        6 years ago

        First I posted suggest Links not working and now just went to Title Tuner and nothing there, when I know that there were a few in my title tuner as suggestions by HP. Is that no longer too?

      • Suggest Links

        Suggest Links

        6 years ago

        I have been having a problem with my suggest links. I click and nothing is being suggested as far as links. This just started happening a couple of days ago. Is there a problem on the site or is it that they can't find...

      • Forum Post

        Forum Post

        6 years ago

        I keep getting this message:Sorry, the post you are looking for is no longer available on this page. If it still exists you should be able to find it here now:http://hubpages.com/forum/post/1571187.I click on the link...

      • Comment replies

        Comment replies

        6 years ago

        I was wondering, when we reply to a comment on our hub that another Hubber posted, is there a way they would know you replied to their comment or do they have to go back to the hub to see if you replied or not?

      • HubPages Addiction

        HubPages Addiction

        7 years ago

        Do you think Hubpages is addicting?

      • A New Child In Your Life

        A New Child In Your Life

        7 years ago

        What would you do if a person came to your door and said Hi I am your son?

      • How do you treat an alcoholic spouse?

        How do you treat an alcoholic spouse?

        6 months ago

        If you live with an alcoholic and you don't drink, how do you treat them if you want them to quit drinking?

      • Taking Risks

        Taking Risks

        7 years ago

        Would you take a risk if you thought life would be better?

      • Hearing the voice of God

        Hearing the voice of God

        7 years ago

        Have you ever heard the voice of God and if so what was spoken to you?

      • Living life simple

        Living life simple

        7 years ago

        What would you do to make your life more simple with less stress?