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TheCloverdalian profile image

Robert (TheCloverdalian)

Joined 7 years ago from Somewhere in California




Also follow me on:

I have returned to Hubpages after a long absence and it's nice to be back. I'll cover a host of Topics again and share my thoughts on many things.

A Little about me (Only a little .!)

I'm a Techie, a Coder, a Musician, Writer which collectively makes me a Geek of some repute! If you want to know more about me you can also check out the IAC's site I had two tracks in the top 10 and top 5 which both held their position for many months. There's a few Mug shots of me, and a lot of writing about me, but more important! It's raw, honest and all me.

I am a Computer Guru, Advertising Genius and a Marketing master! (and Modest too, can you tell!?). I read, cook, make music, make pictures, and much more..


Tech, I.T. Security, I.T.Manager (5000+ Employees), PR, Marketing, PC Repairs, Chef, Entrepreneur, Sound Engineer, Music Composer, Mixer, Web Designer, Graphic Artist, Coder and I'm also Involved in the Music Industry...


Regarding Computers and Technology, this will be my 28th year involved in this field. I've produced Albums, Artwork, Written books, Short Stories and a whole lot more! I started long ago at the tender age of 8, when my Father brought home a Commodore PET (Yes, the Green Screen 4K Beast!). I took it apart the next day, much to my Fathers Dismay. My Punishment?, rebuild it! That was the catalyst for the next 28 or so years. I did many things, Learn Basic, then Machine Code and used it to produce music. I progressed through all the home computers of that era Commodores Pet, CBM, Vic20, C64, +4,C128, and Amiga. I had an Atari 520FM then an Atari 1040STFM, I used those again for music. My favorite software at the time was ElectroSound 64 (For the C64) and Sonix (Amiga). I remember those days fondly, when Activision, Rabbit Software, Interceptor Software, Anirog Software and a whole host of other old-school Software companies. Household names like Mathew Crowther, Rob Hubbard, Matt Grey, Bogg and many, many more. Yes, I owned the Dragon, BBC 'A' and 'B', an Oric and Mr.Sinclairs beasties like the Spectrum and the ZX80/81 coupled with some offerings from Amstrad, Texas Instruments and a few others. My Favorite machine(s)? Definitely the Commodore 64, Amiga and the Atart ST's. The Commodore machines for the Coding/Music (long live SID! and Paula!) and the Atari for, well the games! (STOS!). I had two Amiga's both Painted Black (Favorite color ahoy!).


Favorite Movies (In no order of preference!!) Nell (Jodi Foster), Alien(s) Movies, Bladerunner, The Matrix (Trilogy) All Star Trek Movies (Fav:ST:II), The Thing (Both Versions), Braveheart, Dances with Wolves, T1, T2, Westworld, Forbidden Planet and All Godzilla Movies. Did I mention I own the Complete Godzilla collection inc. All the Japanese releases, the original prints, Soundtracks and so on., The same of Doctor Who, I own all those too from Hartnel to Mccoy (Sadly). What other movies spring to mind as favorites? Goonies I guess would be one. D.W.Wolves, Field Of Dreams, Signs and the list goes on. I like too many to bore you with here, needless to say I watch alot of the B-movies, War movies, I like to watch Classics through to modern movies, FF, Spiderman, The Day after tomorrow, anything really. If I have company, of a real person, (yes, female!) I would watch movies that were her choices, if only to enjoy the company. I'm an old-school Romantic (so there!) Television Bravo, Discovery Channel, Sci-fi Channel, TV Land. History Channel, Movie channels. As I was an English man in Sacramento (Sing the song.) now I reside further north! I Like most things on TV (not soaps!) anything that stimulates, educates or is more than just a stop-gap for 30 minutes. I mean one minute I will watch WWE, then channel surf to Discovery channel and watch that channel instead. Favortie programs? well Sci-fi, Educational and classics that encompasses a lot I know, but there are other things I watch too, Ghost Hunters, Myth Busters etc. or I read a book, then watch the film and visa versa. I've been known to watch Bonanza (ack!) through to some Twilight zone, it depends on my mind state, mood and well, the company too.


I am into all styles of music both in listening and in composing, although my favorite is Trance both listening to and writing. I have been into Trance and Goa, Psy, Deep trance way back in the day, back in England when and where it is and always was Real. Not American, But English, German and such like. I also own the complete Bowie, Blondie and Police collection including the imports and the color discs etc. I'm into Hip-Hop (did you notice?, however, I like the positive sounds (not the hate, or Mr.Negative styles) I listen to everything from Tori Amos to Enya, From Mozart to Bach I guess the only music I don't really enjoy is Rap. I listen to everything other than that genre, I'm into Eighties music (I was an Eighties child). As I am originally from England, I also listen to all the Gothic stuff, and music from Toyah, to the Damned, The Cure, Madness. basically I will listen to anything once, Instrumental all the way through to Hardcore. I listen to Gypsy Soul, Sarah McLachlan, Retro Music like Altered Images, The Cure, Ultravox and I also listen to very different music and styles like Gypsy Soul, Beth Orton, Aimee Mann, Sam Brown and Kate Bush. With my own music I believe in the internal beat, I believe we all have it, as do we have the sound and beat of our own hearts. I believe that all music, although I may not subscribe to it all, is wonderful, inspirational, sometimes an escape, sometimes a celebration, sometimes a more sombre reason but music is music, and it can mend a broken heart, it can create a broken heart, it can fortify the mind, body and soul an equally as quickly, destroy it but in all ways, it always touches the mind and heart of all. My Three Albums were basically Trance Albums, with my fourth once I find a home again (yes, I am homeless, but NOT a dead-beat never will be) will encompass many styles. I have written Folk, Easy Listening, worldly and spiritual material.


Penguin Pocket Books (ST:TOS, ST:TNG, ST:DS9, ST:VOY) Anne McCaffrey (NOT her Dragon stuff, more like Dinosaur World etc) Jules Verne, James Herbert, Frank Muller, Arthur C. Clarke, Asimov, Terrence Dicks Etc Etc. I read a lot more interesting material too., but then you have to get to know me more :P

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