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I am an artist and writer living in Boston.

I've always a had a great love for creating things with my hands and for putting the pieces together myself rather than buying the premade and preassembled version, even if the end result is often a little bit wonky (especially the first few times!). The satisfaction that comes from the act of creating something on your own is really what drives me.

Although I enjoy almost any creative project, drawing and writing have always been for me the ultimate freedom in creativity. Being able to create an image out of an arrangement of marks or words on a page is a highly gratifying experience,

Creativity is more a state of mind and a willingness to experiment than anything else.

When it comes to creativity, I always tell myself: don't be afraid to try.

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  • Why the ballpoint pen is great for sketching

    Why the ballpoint pen is great for sketching

    6 years ago

    A variety of ballpoint pens I was sitting outside in Boston drawing last year and a fellow I had never seen before came over and sat down and started asking me about what I was doing. I told him I was sketching the...