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Hello, I am Robert Louthain. I have always found self description boxes to be meager. Such limit on characters to describe the overall person that types within it. I am an individual that takes more than a few words to describe. Whimsical. Facetious. If you want to know me, approach me. We will talk. I am a Freedom Fighter, World Changer, Comedian, Music Lover, Passionate Lover, Artist, Gamer, the modern day Columbus of discovering all things new. Also, I am a poet, writer, actor (both theatrical and vocal) and a lover of linguistics. The very thought of hating the English language is abstruse to me. I love everyone. Love me back?

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  • Why Modern Day Music Sucks

    Why Modern Day Music Sucks

    6 years ago

    Music. It's a stress relief. It's what people go to to get a message, heal wounds, and to get motivation. You can't walk anywhere anymore without hearing music playing in restraunts, or cars flying by shaking everything...