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I was born in New Jersey, moved to Arizona and I currently reside in the state of Georgia.

I first became interested in birdwatching and bird feeding about twenty five years ago. I have been enthused with birds - their flying, songs, calls, motions, etc. ever since.

My two favorite birds, which I used to watch in my backyard, are the Black-capped Chickadee and the Tufted Titmouse. One bird which I used to watch though in the water was the Crane. It waded slowly around to stir up the fish so that it was able to eat them. I have changed my profile image to the Crane.

I enjoy watching squirrels (even though they eat bird seed) chipmunks and others like them in their natural environment. Today I saw the mail truck pull into the next street and the squirrel ran across the fence as if it was hurrying to get its mail! Maybe it sent for nuts.

I am also interested in plants and how & where they grow. Butterflies, and most other animals. I also prefer to go green and to avoid chemicals.

As a result of my being disabled and unable to look for a regular job I looked online and Hub Pages came up on the list. I applied because writing has long been one of my interests, although it took me a while to realize it.

Since I started writing here at HP, my writing has improved greatly and I am taking it more seriously. I really believe that I have become a better writer than I was before.

I now write for HP and I have a blog (I had begun it before HP). I have to keep the blog updated, and now consider myself as a writer. I believe that after all of these years I have finally found my niche. Writing about nature.

I enjoy reading and writing mysteries and suspense - as in The Alphabet Murders and Sherlock Holmes - and I try to see if I can solve the murder, or whatever, before the detective. I have read Mary Higgins Clark, Robert Dugoni, Sue Grafton for a few. I am also into reading fantasy books - as in A Spell for Chameleon. I am also trying fiction to see how I am in that area.

Since I am from Scottish heritage I enjoy books by English writers (Piers Anthony, Brian Jacques). Shows from the U.K. ('The Brits', Time Lord, Celtic Women). Irish music (Lord of the Dance, Riverdance)

I received an Editors Choice for "How Do Birds Make Songs and Calls?"

PS - If you need a second view on your Hub I will be glad to give my opinion.

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