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Good day! I am Steven Brown. Come on in, sit down and grab a cup of coffee...or would you prefer tea? Make yourself comfortable and let's chat a spell. I'm a veteran of Silicon Valley's volatile technology industry (that's where I got all my gray hairs!). As a result I've had to learn some versatile and creative financial survival skills. How to profit from flea markets is one very important survival skill, especially during this long--too long!--economic recession. I love to share what I've learned! My goal is simple: to make any topic or subject Fun--and Accessible--for everyone. I take the mystery out of complicated subjects and provide folks with the instruction and support that will give them a solid foundation of understanding. Through this Squidoo web page (a.k.a. Lens), I can join with you to share my experiences as we both traverse that oft-bumpy road on our incredible journey of life! A good friend once called me a "Restructuring Engineer": I apply my experience and knowledge to whatever resources are available in order to make something new and useful for others. Without all the hassle! ~Peace~

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