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Well Hey readers! I'm a person who is here to help you learn a few things lol. Most of what I write about comes from past experience, normally something I have learned the hard way, in an attempt to help you not go through what I had to or if you already have gone through it, helpng you get past it. If there is ever a topic you'd like to see me cover that I haven't yet, email me and Ill see what I can do for you :) Thanks for reading! you're all wonderful!

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  • Gauging Your Ears Yourself: The Do's and Dont's

    Gauging Your Ears Yourself: The Do's and Dont's

    2 years ago

    Some of us are too stubborn to go to someoe and have to pay to gauge our ears after piercing them. Although, I think to start you should have someone intitiate it for you, here's how to gauge at home WITHOUT messing up...