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Hello from the Pacific! God bless all of you hubbers out there in cyberspace.

I am in the process of transitioning into becoming primarily a teacher, writer, crossfitter, and musician. The arts appeal to me. They provide healing to my false type-A personality which I walked around in for years. I love the sound of birds, shoes crunching on branches, the feel of a good keyboard, the rich layers of the acoustic guitar, time to reflect, and hoisting weights over my head during a crossfit work out. The road less traveled is good.

It's a good and challenging life we live. It's time to smell and think about the roses again.

I enjoy a multitude of topics, but on this hub I will focus on crossfit, spiritual, nutritional, poetry, and historical topics, especially military, Japanese, and Hawaiian history. The world is a treasure trove of information. I love it.

I've worked in the banking industry, educational administration, pastoring, restaurant management, chef, and now as a teacher, writer, and counselor.

Life is amazing, always something new around the corner. Thank you for making my sojourn on this small island called planet earth rewarding and inspiring. You folks are the best. I am looking forward to reading your fabulous hubs and growing wiser through the process. Thank you again for taking the time to read my profile

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  • The Spiritual Gates of Power and Authority

    The Spiritual Gates of Power and Authority

    6 years ago

    Gates in ancient times had many functions. It served as places of assembly and commerce. Kings held audience and prophets proclaimed the Word of the Lord there (1 Kgs 22:10, Jer 17:19). Ezra read the Law in the gates to...

  • Cannae: The day Rome got slaughtered

    Cannae: The day Rome got slaughtered

    3 years ago

    The Carthaginian Meat Grinder The main lesson is pretty obvious: pride goes before the fall. The Romans were clearly over confident with their numerical advantage. They got tricked into a massive meat grinder that...