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I have every intention of enjoying my life. -Job 33:28 (NCV)- And I enjoy it as many ways as possible, from mountain biking, hiking, rollerblading & skateboarding to writing, photography, animal training & local vontunteer opts. Randomness is what makes life fun, so I tend to write the way I live... randomly. Blogging has become a fun pass time for me, but let's face it, not many people are on myspace anymore. So I decided to find a place where I could blog to my heart's content, and just maybe have people read what I write.

If any other bloggers read my work, Please feel free to give me tips and pointers on how to keep my blogs interesting and helpful!

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  • Gerbils: tips for first time owners

    Gerbils: tips for first time owners

    7 years ago

    Getting Your Gerbil: When you first go to pick out your gerbil or gerbils try to locate a breeder. A good breeder with a healthy blood line means a much healthier pet with a longer life. If you can’t find...