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  • What You Need to Clean Like a Pro

    What You Need to Clean Like a Pro

    7 years ago

    I have been running a small cleaning business in Central Maine for almost 4 years now. I am often asked for cleaning tips, so I decided to start with what you need to clean your home thoroughly and efficiently. 1. Dress for success: Much...

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    How to Get Paid to Do a Sleep Study

    8 months ago

    I recently embarked on the interesting and unusual adventure of participating in a paid nine day sleep study. I found out about the study through an add on Craigslist. Learn how you can earn money doing the same.

  • Insomnia: How to Stop It

    Insomnia: How to Stop It

    10 years ago

    Tired? For many people the answer is, was, and seemingly will always be: Oh, yes, so very. There are many causes of sleep disorders. Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which a person has problems falling and staying asleep, and wakes often during...

  • A Guide to Grief : The Loss of your Pet

    A Guide to Grief : The Loss of your Pet

    7 years ago

    The loss of a pet means different things to different people. Even under the best of circumstances it can be a difficult and painful transition. And of course, life does not always present us with tidy partings. Sometimes the loss can be sudden and...

  • Kennebec River Rail Trail - A Central Maine Gem

    Kennebec River Rail Trail - A Central Maine Gem

    11 years ago

    It is 5:30 in the morning and I am heading out the door with my dog. The sun is a glint of gold reflected in the steely gray water of the Kennebec River. I am off to walk the Kennebec River Rail Trail before heading to work. I walk every morning,...

  • Some Thoughts on Guadalajara, Travel and Life

    Some Thoughts on Guadalajara, Travel and Life

    11 years ago

     I am on a plane looking out at the mountainous terrain of what I believe to be Kentucky.  Maybe.  To my right sit the older couple from New Jersey who compelled me to think, "I do not want to die next to these weirdos.", earlier in the...

  • Five Surprisingly Bad Books

    Five Surprisingly Bad Books

    12 years ago

    There are a lot of bad books out there. There are writers who have devoted their lives and the lives of publishers, editors, readers, and paper companies to the creation of vapid trash so terrible it serves no greater purpose then buoying the...

  • Topless Coffee Bar Opens in Central Maine

    Topless Coffee Bar Opens in Central Maine

    12 years ago

    Well, it finally happened. The Topless Coffee Bar opened in Vassalboro, Maine. Everyone has been talking about it, and the talk has been unanimous interest and bad jokes. I've been following this story all winter in our local paper, as I live and...

  • Five Exceptional Nonfiction Books

    Five Exceptional Nonfiction Books

    12 years ago

    Nonfiction Books I don't generally read a lot of nonfiction, so when I find something exceptional it's an unusual treat. I always prelude a nonfiction recommendation with a hearty, "It's nonfiction, but it's good." This implies a certain amount of...

  • Five Exceptional Books

    Five Exceptional Books

    12 years ago

    Five exceptional books: I love reading. It's what I was born to do. I think finding a great book is like a miracle and it surprises me every time. Like when you first here the White Album as a kid and think, My God, does anybody know about this?...

  • Five Things that Changed my Life

    Five Things that Changed my Life

    12 years ago

    5 Things that Changed my Life: I want to share with you five things that I implemented into my life that created amazing, compounding change, and completely shifted the direction and energy of my life. I came to them through reading, talking with...


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