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Thomas O'Dwyer-Richards (Thomas O D R)

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I am a 19 year old male who's dream is to become the best person and personal trainer I can be. I wish to be able to use my struggles to help empower and lift others up to reach their own dreams.

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  • The Epidemic

    The Epidemic

    4 months ago

    This is about the relation between mental health and weight issues, how they are highly correlated and how health and fitness lifestyle can help you mentally and physically.

  • How to lose fat!

    How to lose fat!

    5 months ago

    This article is about how to lose fat. Diet, physical activity and hormones are covered in this article and how they relate to fat loss.

  • I Feel Stuck

    I Feel Stuck

    6 months ago

    Are you feeling stuck and feel like your life needs a kick in the but to get it moving forward? It starts with YOU! Let's get your life back on track for the better!

  • Victim of Your Own Mind

    Victim of Your Own Mind

    6 months ago

    I am a victim of my own mind. A trap I laid myself to myself without ever knowing until now.