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Hello, this is Threads of Peru. We are a social enterprise that supports the indigenous Andean people of Peru & their traditions of weaving textiles. We educate the world about their ancient craft & we connect weavers to a global market; providing communities with economic opportunity. Enjoy our lenses about all things woven and Peruvian! www.threadsofperu.com

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  • Traditional Andean Clothes

    Traditional Andean Clothes

    6 years ago

    Traditional Dress Traditional Quechua dress varies greatly in colour, design and style, depending on the region of Peru. In some communities they do very intricate embroidery on their skirts, and some use things like...

  • Traditional Peruvian Textiles

    Traditional Peruvian Textiles

    6 years ago

    Hello there, this lens has been created by the founders of the NGO Threads of Peru. We support the indigenous Andean artisans of Peru & their traditions of weaving textiles. We connect weavers to an online market (Our...