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Joined 2 years ago from Australia. Last activity 5 minutes ago.




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Hello & Welcome

Words, stories and knowledge is neither good or bad.

Having the know-how or understanding is only as valuable as one’s ability to put words, stories and knowledge to practical use.

You can be taking others on a journey to new and exciting worlds. Or, fine tuning stories and knowledge that gives a current perception of what our cultural and societal concerns are in present time. Then again, words, stories and knowledge may be used to serve expression through artistic poetry to sing the song that never was sung.

I love the creative process. Taking a thought, an idea and giving it a form through words.

I create poetry and I write about eclectic topics that capture my heart in the moment.



Hope and possibilities are the main reasons I love the art of divination.I offer intuitive tarot readings. I see Tarot readings as another form of storytelling, using the archetypical images to read the story or the range of possible stories. Reading the tarot cards is a skill in trusting the ephemeral, the intangible just like a thought form where you need to translate it into a tangible and understandable form.

In my intuitive tarot readings with you I enjoy focusing on the areas of love and money together with the relationship you have with yourself. If you are curious or need clarity/confirmation when facing the crossroads please feel free to go to my web page. Here I meet you as a equal in the game of life where ideas and life experiences are shared together either directly or indirectly.

If you enjoy poetry or you would like to experience my poetry in greater depth you will find my e-kindle of poetry (Flip the Switch) at


If you are more in visual mode I offer free monthly Tarotscopes on my YTube Channel charmaineintuitivetarot

I have to tell you due to an unprovoked hate crime committed against me by a non-heterosexual Julie Smith who is not only intercepting my technology but disrupting, biasing through invasive spying, harassment intimidation and slander, I cannot deliver my YTube monthly Tarotscopes reliably. I want you to know it isn’t me but due to the acts of interception caused by this Julie Smith. Otherwise I hope you enjoy what I have to offer you through my words, stories and understandings of life, people and ideas.

Peace & Happiness to You.


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