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Tiffany Matthews is founder & CEO of Live Better Boomer! Healthcare Advocacy, a firm that teaches caregivers and patients to claim and use their power during their healthcare journey.

Tiffany was a social worker for 15+ years and worked with various populations: the elderly, children, mentally challenged and recovering addicts. Much of her experience comes from the healthcare side of social work. How families are treated in the healthcare system did not hit home for Tiffany until her beloved grandmother was on her deathbed. Her family was pressured for quick decisions about Gram’s life due to the “business of healthcare.” Seeing the injustices that occur in hospitals and nursing homes caused Tiffany to design her healthcare advocacy products & services for LBB!, and her transition to full-time advocacy was born.

Health care is and will remain a hot topic for the foreseeable future. But Matthews has coined a phrase, “Healthcare Reform means nothing if the treatment during your treatment isn’t good.” She believes that you can have the best health insurance in the world, but you still can be subject to subpar treatment and poor customer service.

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