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My name is Tim Brennan, and I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO.

I am an active tournament chess player, and work as a software engineer.

I run a chess tactics website called http://tacticstime.com, which I am sure you will love.

Tactics Time is the name of a chess column I have written since 2004 for the Colorado Chess Informant, the official state magazine for the Colorado State Chess Association.

I like to write hubs about chess tactics, which are my favorite part of the game.

On my website, http://tacticstime.com, you will find back issues of my Tactics Time column, podcasts with chess players that you can read and download, and I write a chess tactics newsletter where I feature different chess tactics problems.

I also have created a chess tactics database called "Tactics Time" that has over 10,000 original tactics problems in it, taken from the games of real amatuer chess players.

I wrote a kindle book on amazon called "Tactics Time! 1001 Chess Tactics from the Games of Everyday Chess Players" which I am sure you will love!!

Happy Tactics!

Your Friend,


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  • Chess Tactics in the Grob

    Chess Tactics in the Grob

    5 years ago

    The Grob (1. g4) is also known as: The Killer Grob Grob's Attack The Tactical Grob The Spike And several other names according to Wikipedia. I've always like the name "Killer Grob" myself :-) It is a very...

  • Chess Tactics in the King's Gambit

    Chess Tactics in the King's Gambit

    5 years ago

    The King's Gambit is one of the oldest chess openings. It remains popular at the club level, although it is not played often at the very highest levels of chess. It is a very tactical opening. White sacrifices a pawn...