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Welcome to my hubpages,what you'll find here is the work of a man who's spent far too much time in the company of cocktails. On top of hangovers, I inflict upon viewers my sense of humor - a far more insidious beast.

I'm Tom, I've worked in bars for many years. I'm full of alcohol-related advice, I hand out hangovers like there's no tomorrow, and I have the drink that's on fire.

I don't mean to describe an image of a demon publican to your mind's eye, I'm just a cocktail obsessed bartender with a penchant for getting excited about what drinks my customers might like.

And one of those drinks is on fire!

I also love music, to hear and create. I enjoy an ever growing range of musical genres from over the eras, and through the years I've added to an ever growing collection of genre based inspiration to the fruits of my own endeavours, with vibes ranging from utter nonsense to effective aural torture.

So wander on down this library of recipes, and wonder no longer how the hell to make all those great cocktails yourself, if you know something I don't then tell me, if you want to know something I've not written, try me!

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      • Social shares integration

        Social shares integration

        4 years ago

        On the top right of all our hubs is an indicator of how many times the hub has been shared, liked, or pinned.How about a counter in the page views section of "my account" for each hub?This might seem a vanity...

      • Not sure if this technically belongs in improvement

        Not sure if this technically belongs in improvement

        4 years ago

        The rules regarding hubs about tobacco are apparently along the lines of no-go, including e-cigarettes, which I just wrote a hub about hereMy question is, will this pass approval as a health tips (and definitely not...

      • Constructive criticism required!

        Constructive criticism required!

        4 years ago

        Hi everyone. I'm just looking for some feedback on This Hub which I published 2 days ago.The score has been gradually going down and I wondered if anyone might like to offer some criticism for me? Maybe you could help...

      • Real Ale

        Real Ale

        5 years ago

        Cask conditioned Real ale, who makes it best? Is it one of those micro breweries local to you? Or one of the major producers like Sharps (we are talking English Real ale here, soz) or St. Austell. Who does it best?

      • Of all the cocktail recipes you have put up...

        Of all the cocktail recipes you have put up...

        6 years ago

        ...which one is your personal favorite?Which would you drink on a night out? Would you trust anyone else to make you one, or is it only you who can make the drink to your taste? Show and tell people!For example, out of...

      • Buckfast!


        7 years ago

        Not to spoil what is no longer a respectable portion of a forum (due to the wrecking nature of (buckfast), but I had to know, does anyone around here drink the stuff? If there are any of you's out there I'm sure you...

      • Would a new Slipknot album be overkill?

        Would a new Slipknot album be overkill?

        6 years ago

        There have been some rumors at a new album by Slipknot sometime in the future, with hints that each member would record a bass track for at least one song each.Does that seem like cashing in on Paul Grays death?Is that...

      • Best Canned Beer?

        Best Canned Beer?

        6 years ago

        For me, either Heineken or Tuborg (or Turbo G)You?

      • What's your favorite Metal Album of all time?

        What's your favorite Metal Album of all time?

        6 years ago

        Me?Vulgar Display Of Power - PanteraGetcha groove on!!!-or-Iowa - SlipknotWhat an angry piece of noise!You?

      • Sweet or Sour?

        Sweet or Sour?

        6 years ago

        What kind of cocktails do you prefer? Sweet or Sour? Maybe a mix of both (a la Sweet and Sour mix)? Mine is a Woo Woo, Cranberry juice sweet with a squeeze of lime wedge for a hint of sour, beautiful! Now your turn..