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I am a 72-year-old retired person who is still active. I am a writer and photographer. I live in Pretoria, South Africa, with my wife and 14-year-old daughter. My younger daughter's name is Caitlin after the wife of Dylan Thomas.

I have a son called Zak and another daughter called Sarah, who is the mother of my beautiful first grandchild who is called Sophie. Sophie now has a baby brother called Daniel Ross.

My son Zak runs what is probably the largest automobile specifications site on the internet, called Carfolio. Anyone interested in finding specs of almost any car ever built will most likely find them there - if not, contact Zak! He has been collecting car specs since he was in high school.

I am an avid reader and also love listening to music of most kinds but in particular jazz and classical. I have a blog where I post writings on music and training and development issues: Click Here visit my blog to see what else I am interested in. Whom (thanks Vaidy19!) I'd like to meet: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Natalie Goldberg, John le Carre, Nigel Kennedy

Two of my favourite quotes: "Don't walk behind me - I might not lead; don't walk in front of me - I might not follow; just walk beside me and be my friend" - Albert Camus; "Life, at its best, is a flowing, changing process in which nothing is fixed." - Carl R. Rogers.

Isn't it exciting to be alive? Frightening at times, but what a challenge! - those are thoughts from me! Another quote I find useful, though I don't know the source: "There is no way to peace, peace is the way." (Thanks to a friend I have now found the source of this quote. It is from A.J. Muste, a writer, philosopher and humanist.) And on a similar note though more graphically expressed by I think Jerry Rubin: "Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity."

A new quote I have just discovered from Albert Einstein: "Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding."

Earlier this month fellow-Hubber Website Examiner, as part of hs celebration of the publication of his 100th Hub undertook to write reviews of 100 other Hubbers. One of those he reviewed was my Hub celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. You can read the review here.

I thought this a most wonderfully generous thing to do. Thanks WE!

Another new quote, this time from fellow-Hubber Nellieanna Hay, who very kindly said I could post her lovely little poem here:

Life astounds me!

How beautiful!

How full!

And here am I

To live it!

______© Nellieanna H. Hay

Not long after I started on HubPages I was interviewed by fellow-Hubber Teresa McGurk. The interview can be found here.

I have started a new blog where I can vent and rant and rave about issues that concern or interest me, called "Brickbats and Backchat". I invite others to join me there:


My late father's memoirs are on a WordPress blog called "Leaves from my Logbook."

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      • In-text links and HubKarma

        In-text links and HubKarma

        6 years ago

        Do in-text links drive down Hub Author scores?What is the point of HubKarma and the "suggest links" button?

      • Suggesetions in Title Tuner

        Suggesetions in Title Tuner

        6 years ago

        I have noticed that the title tuner facility often suggests that I include a word that I already have in the title, just with a lower case first letter. Like my Hub on Beyers Naude it suggests I add the word...

      • Problem with photo capsule

        Problem with photo capsule

        6 years ago

        Since the re-design of the accounts page I have been unable to upload GIF files into the photo capsule. There is also a message that "to improve uploading install Adobe Flash Player. I have done this three times...

      • New look account page

        New look account page

        6 years ago

        I love the new look account page. Only thing I miss is the tally of number of un-moderated comments.Thanks Hub Team for another great update.Ou site is getting better every day thanks to your efforts.

      • Help! My Hubber Score is tanking!

        Help! My Hubber Score is tanking!

        6 years ago

        For some reason my Hubber score has dropped from the early to mid 90s, where it has been for months, to now 86. What is happening? My readership is stable or even growing. I am answering comments and commenting on the...

      • My first Adsense payout

        My first Adsense payout

        6 years ago

        I guess it's no big deal to many Hubbers, but today I got my first paycheque as a freelance writer!

      • RSS capsule problem

        RSS capsule problem

        6 years ago

        I have tried to edit two RSS capsule on one Hub and in edit mode they show results as expected but as soon as I hit the "done editing" button the message comes up "this does not appear to be a valid RSS...

      • Broken links report

        Broken links report

        7 years ago

        The broken links report showing a broken link in one of my Hubs but when I go to the Hub in edit mode I cannot find any such link. This has happened a few times now. I would post a link to the affected Hubs but don't...

      • Hubber Marijana Reynders' latest Hub - she could do with support

        Hubber Marijana Reynders' latest Hub - she could do with support

        7 years ago

        Marijana Reynders is a wonderful, graceful South African Hubber now living in Australia. She has just been diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glioblastoma_multiformeShe has written a Hub...

      • Fan mail going missing after approving

        Fan mail going missing after approving

        7 years ago

        Today some fan mail I received went missing after I had clicked on the "approve" button. This is the second time this has happened. Unfortunately in both cases I don't remember who posted the fan mail. Anyone...

      • unpublished Hub not showing in edit mode

        unpublished Hub not showing in edit mode

        7 years ago

        I have three capsules of a Hub I'm working on which show in unpublished mode but when I try to edit only the main heading shows. I want to complete the Hub but can't. Do I need to unpublish and start from scrath?

      • Bookmarks


        7 years ago

        Are other Hubbers using the Bookmarks feature? How many bookmarks do you use and what are they?My bookmarks are:AfricaBusiness and ManagementCoachingCookingEvolutionFamily and GenealogyGardeningGlobal...

      • captcha window

        captcha window

        7 years ago

        The siugn in page that comes up has no captcha window but after I sign in it gives me the message "wrong captcha" and then I have to re-enter my login details and the captcha. Is anyone esle experiencing this...

      • Advertising disabled - why?

        Advertising disabled - why?

        7 years ago

        My Hub on a murderer sentenced to life in a trial in South Africa has had advertising disabled. I would like to know why, as it does not seem to contravene any TOS either of HubPage or of Google Adsense.Can someone help...

      • Radical drop in Hub Score

        Radical drop in Hub Score

        8 years ago

        On my eighth day of teh 30 day challenge my Hub score dropeed 10 pointsw overnight. Can anyone help me to understand why? And is there any point in continuing in the challenge if this is the result?