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Birthdate on HubPages: September 9, 2009

It's been an awesome, fruitful and inspiring years of writing articles, earning some accolades, widening my horizons as I exist on this exceptional online writing community along with famous writers from other countries.

This 2017, I am now on my eight year as a hubber. And I am currently serving my barriofolks as their barangay secretary. I may not be an active hubber nowadays, but I always log on to post comments to my fave and new hubbers. I hope you do it for me, too.

The power of written words is so exciting as I utilize the gifts that the Almighty God has given me.

Various interests are building up inside my mind and it show on the types of hubs that I am sharing with you.

1) Travel & Places, 2)Tropical Cooking, 3)Health-Conscious, 4) Practical Photography, 5) Music Series, 6)DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Project, 7) Tips on HubPages, 8) Politics Watch, 9)HubPages Success Stories,10)Trivialities in Life

I'm also updated with topics, like: Business, Values, Recipes, Reality Shows, Online Marketing (Google AdSense and all) among others.

As HubPages' door opens for me, several windows of opportunities brought excitement in my online world.

Check the dashboard of my Blogger account: http://www.claimingmyprize.blogspot.com/ The Lemurian's Scroll. Now, it spawned a new blog site for Random Acts of Kindness and several others, including Tropical JOE.

I want to keep myself be reminded of these words:

We're all travelers in life. Sharing our experiences, whether bad or good, is the best thing to do in this site. You'll learn something from me and I'll learn something from you in return.

I hope you and I, as responsible hubbers, can pass the torch of truth and wisdom to all HubPages readers through writing articles that will help make this world a better place to live in.

Feel free to join HubPages by simply signing up. The rest will be history in your hubbing life.

Remember: "SUCCESS is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." (Author unknown)

I recently joined myfreecopyright.com in order to protect my articles on this site. You can e-mail me @ my Yahoo!account: <ireno_alcala1971@yahoo.com> if you want to use my hubs for reference.

My Avatar: I am using a personal photo while I was working at Mariner's Tourism and Hotel Institute @ Naga City, Bicol, Philippines.

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      • Who's your ideal and favorite hubber/s?

        Who's your ideal and favorite hubber/s?

        2 years ago

        HubPages is an online community of writers. We mingle through posting our remarks, add them as friends, spread accolades, dashes of positivity/optimism and more.

      • HubPages as a TV Network?

        HubPages as a TV Network?

        6 years ago

        What if HubPages becomes a television network in the future? It can be just like National Geographic channel, Animal Planet and the like.With the enormous articles being published everyday in a span of 5 years, there...

      • Summary


        6 years ago

        I noticed that some hubbers are including a conclusion at the end of their hubs. When I opened my account, it was there printed on every title of my hubs. It all need summary.The change surprised me. Really! Since,...

      • Bilingual Hubs

        Bilingual Hubs

        6 years ago

        One of my offline readers (they're not HubPages member yet), always leave comments in Filipino or Tagalog (National language of the Philippines).Suddenly, it dawned on me that bilingual hubs are possible. With the...

      • Hubbalicious Food Contest

        Hubbalicious Food Contest

        6 years ago

        It's been a year when I participated in this contest. Although, I didn't won because of missing links, RSS and the like, I can still proudly say that I shared much of my knowledge on it.Is there any part 2 in the offing?

      • It's Raining in Jeddah

        It's Raining in Jeddah

        6 years ago

        La Nina phenomenon is invading even the Middle East, known for its massive desert areas. Flooding is everywhere...Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, Philippines and now Jeddah. I've seen the news last night (17Jan2011) on how...

      • Brain Tumor

        Brain Tumor

        6 years ago

        This is the full message of ZEMRAN ERIC, a Pakistani whose been under pressure these days because of his Filipina fiancee. I'm not promoting my hub, " Fighting Brain Tumor" but he's in the middle of intense...

      • Ophiuchus


        6 years ago

        The 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus is now incorporated, again, on the Daily Horoscope. Its exclusion during the Babylonian era was because of its number connotation as unlucky one. The seeker of peace, it is located at the...

      • Editing your hubs

        Editing your hubs

        7 years ago

        It's a must to visit older hubs once in a while to edit and correct unnecessary features, add photos, information, tc. This is to generate high hubscores and of course, income (every hubbers end goal).

      • Pe├▒afrancia Fiesta and other attractions in Naga City

        Peñafrancia Fiesta and other attractions in Naga City

        7 years ago

        It's a busy month of September to all Nagueños and the rest of Bicolanos this year as devotion to INA (Virgin of Peñafrancia) marks its 300 years.Together with my cousin, I was able to attend the Traslacion last Sept....

      • Ube Chiffon Cake

        Ube Chiffon Cake

        7 years ago

        It's the Filipino version of the traditional Orange Chiffon Cake. It's violet in color and the taste, yummy!

      • Bicol, Philippines

        Bicol, Philippines

        7 years ago

        Welcome to my place, the Bicol Peninsula, Philippines. It is located at the southern part of the country and facing the Pacific Ocean. So you can expect typhoons and storms forming in that vast ocean during wet or rainy...

      • Humus


        7 years ago

        The chick peas soup is so delicious; it tastes like meat soup. But when you grind it or make a puree out of it, it becomes a yellowish cake of humus. It's a low-cost source of protein. Try it, too. The taste is somewhat...

      • What kind of music stylings do you like?

        What kind of music stylings do you like?

        7 years ago

        All time favorites are songs that will never die. Even the singers fade away or forgotten by many, their songs will be as fresh like the first time it was played on the radio. I like the songs of Frank Sinatra, Matt...

      • Does anyone know about mildew simplex?

        Does anyone know about mildew simplex?

        7 years ago

        It's somewhat akin to psoriasis but can cured through ointment and steroidal pill and injection.

      • El Nino

        El Nino

        7 years ago

        Please give some ideas to help the farmers in the Philippines lessen the effects of El Nino?