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I was born in England, presently living in Australia. I love both countries equally. Passionate about animals, I now have one dog, Nell a rescue greyhound, and two pet cows. Wonderful colourful birds visit my garden, cockatoos, gallahs, numerous parrots.

I love to read, all time favourite is Thomas Hardy. I write travel focussing primarily on the South Pacific, Asia, Europe - always fascinated by journeys that enlighten, enrich, inspire. From camping – to five-star hotels, it’s all experience. Along with travel I write for children, one book published, many poems and short stories in anthologies. My technological skills are not brilliant, but here I am.

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      • Query over a hub violation - what problem

        Query over a hub violation - what problem

        2 years ago

        I have a short poem from two years back,  still featured but now has a violation stamp. Perhaps I should state - 'this contains humour.' I've seen more violations in my grandson's comic books. Time to give in...

      • how to show hubs on profile page

        how to show hubs on profile page

        5 years ago

        i have published 16 Hubs but only 5 show up on my profile page - why is this? When I press show all , only the same 5 appear. This is disappointing - or is it me? I don't notice it on other hub pages.

      • Cannot post a hub.

        Cannot post a hub.

        5 years ago

        I have posted several hubs most successfully. My latest attempt is not sucessful - I cannot place my work into the hub capsule, - I keep being asked to 'refresh' which I have done repeatedly.